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“(Translated from Hebrew) Shouter: What do you think was the event \ the thing that influenced the album of all these 14 years? Rom: a difficult question (hahaha kidding) I think it mostly was when we returned to Israel and the American director of the band just pushed us to write the full material. Simply required us 10 songs in two months. And got really loud crazy writing process we were exiled because of him that the process of writing is an amazing process. First songs we wrote at the beginning of the process were much less good songs we wrote later in the process. There were songs written at the beginning and into the album, but they have been changed in terms of processing and their sound. But the very fact that they sat us strong writing is what brought us together in terms of our art and creativity. So the event is a period of some months to come we were exiled thing or two about ourselves as a band .”

“Robex: "What drives a band that isn't all that famous and renowned to try to make a living on their music and to keep playing?" Kfir: "Simply enjoying what you do and the people you're doing it with. If you're in it for the fame or the money or the girls, you're in the wrong direction. Yes, there are fun sides but there are also a lot of hard ships in being a band. Do it simply because you love doing music, it empowers you and it makes you happy."”

“Seek Irony, a rock band that originated in Israel, is ready to take the United States by storm, starting in Killeen, where the group played its first show in 2004. “Our sound is somewhere between rock and electronic music,” Gov said. His hometown, Tel Aviv, is a major electronic music capital, he said, but he and his brother, drummer Rom Gov, grew up on classic and progressive rock. At their shows, “girls dance and guys bang their heads,” he said. The chemistry among the members was immediate. Though their upcoming show will only be the second they have played together as a foursome, the group feels like a family.”

“These days, the 5 band members of Seek Irony are day by day meeting together at their impressive recording studios in southern Tel Aviv, writing and recording songs one after the other. The band that is known for integrating electronica music in their Metal and Rock sounds, is continuing to work on its first official album, that has already gone through several cycles of life. On the 1st of March, the band will play a concert at the Kultura Club in Tel Aviv and for the event; "The Metal Ring" presents an exclusive kick ass performance of "Everything We Are", the song that was originally co-recorded with Rab, the singer of Lebanese band "Blood Ink". Since the reformation of the band, 4 years ago, the band can count several major achievements. One of which is this song, and we at Ynet were the first to bring you the story behind the Israeli – Lebanese cooperation that has begun not too long after the Israel Lebanese second war. 2 months ago, the song was also released as a single”

Or Barnea - Ynet Entertainment News

“Rising out of the burgeoning music scene in the Middle East, Israel’s Seek Irony are poised to become among the first Middle Easterners to bring their U.S. influenced brand of rock and roll to the rest of the world. Like their homeland of Israel, the group’s music born out of the many influences and experiences of the individual band members into a cohesive and powerful blend of modern/alternative rock. The band’s potent blend of hard rock caught the ear of producer Sylvia Massey, who took them into the studio to record their first album, which will be released in 2010.”

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“Limp Bizkit may be coming out with a new album this year, but nu-metal — a genre of rock that melds hip-hop influences and pop-metal — died in America effective October, 2001 (with the debut of the chart-topping indie band The Strokes). Yet, while the death rattle of nu-metal rings here, Israeli nu-metal is vibrant and healthy. Contrasted to the vulgar, jejune hedonism of American nu-metal, Israeli nu-metal has a decidedly humanistic tinge. Consider Seek Irony, five Israelis who recently finished an album with producer Sylvia Massy Shivy (Tool and System of a Down). Seek Irony’s music is often standard nu-metal fare. The single “Tech’N’Roll” features masculine posturing and vague, absurd declarations about the power of rock ‘n’ roll: “Tech and Roll, expands your mind and saves your soul.” Their recent single “Everything We Are,” though, is both a musical accomplishment for the band (thumping without being ridiculous, moving without recycling vague tropes) and”

Mordechai Shinefield - Jewish Daily Forward

“The single “Everything We Are” from the Israeli rock band Seek Irony featuring Ralph “Rab” Zogheib of the Lebanese rock band Blood Ink is an epic rock track that will give you chills. The music has firm, robust rhythmic stomps from bassist Daniel Strosberg and drummer Rom Gov with gristles of fiery guitar licks by Eran Muntner, wicking flints akin to Rammstein. The opulent keyboard tiers performed by Yoav Vollansky and vocal arches from Rab and Seek Irony’s singer Kfir Gov soar massively while powered by bone-shaking conviction. The song is intense with a positive charge circuiting the lyrics, “Silence, silence of the lambs – marching the march of pain / They who follow those who live for dying / Are the only to blame / Now, now we collide, here come the rain again.” The words are inspired by the continued fighting between the governments of Israel and Lebanon and the sacrificing of lives on both sides. The music conveys what it’s like to feel shattered and still have”

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“Israel's Seek Irony music has been used by FOX Sports 'Best Damn Sports Show' as the soundtrack to various highlight reels the station has put together. The first highlight reel featuring the song "Tech N' Roll' can be viewed online at www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaO_maI-IoE&feature=player_embedded. Rising out of the burgeoning music scene in the Middle East, Israel's Seek Irony are poised to become among the first Middle Easterners to bring their U.S. influenced brand of rock and roll to the rest of the world. Like their homeland of Israel, the group's music born out of the many influences and experiences of the individual band members into a cohesive and powerful blend of modern/alternative rock.”

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"Hava Nagila" is hardly the biggest-selling Israeli musical product in the world these days. Hard rock is. Meet Seek Irony - a band from Rishon Letzion that is currently putting the final touches on its plans to conquer America. Kfir Gov is trying to stay calm, but his excitement is evident even in a Skype conversation from the other side of the world. It's not every day that a 25-year-old Israeli rocker gets a chance like this: Gov's band, Seek Irony, a hard-rock quintet from Rishon Letzion, is recording its first full album at Radio Star studios in the northern California town of Weed, under the tutelage of studio owner Sylvia Massy Shivy. Shivy is a well-known record producer in the American music industry who's also worked with some slightly more famous bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool, System of a Down and Skunk Anansie, not to mention the late Johnny Cash. "You wouldn't believe what's going on here," gushes Gov. "We're recording in a studio with equipment worth millions

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“Good morning kids, the trance music season is over. You can put your synthesizers back in the closet and run off to the store to buy drums and guitars. As of today, Israel's hottest music export is Hard Rock: Salem have long ago broken through the road to overseas; Orphaned Land have brought Darbukas (Middle Eastern percussion drums) and Mahawallas (Middle Eastern clothing) to the Global Metal music scene ; Betzefer have signed with one of Europe's biggest music labels ; And now Seek Irony, 5 young 20 and up Rockers from Rishon Le Zion (city in Israel) – no fools – have signed a very lucrative production deal with American Multi Platinum producer (Sylvia Massy Shivy), who on the comfy couches at her recording studios near San Francisco, have grown bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Skunk Anansie, Tool and System of a Down. According to leader and singer of the group Kfir Gov, the band members have long ago realized what people in Israel still don't understand to this day.”

Boaz Arad - Yediot Achronot

“It seems that the first peaceful dialogue to follow the Second Lebanon War comes out of the music scene. Two heavy metal bands, one Israeli and the other Lebanese, met online and joined forces to perform a new song, “Everything We Are”. "Obviously, the song deals with the last war between Israel and Lebanon, and its implications. It speaks about the silent majority around the world that does nothing while extremists spread their ideals of hatred and violence," Kfir Gov, leader of the Israeli band, “Seek Irony” told Ynet. Rab, the Lebanese lead vocalist of “Blood Ink”, and his family reside in northern Lebanon in an area that was mostly outside of the range of the fighting. "I’ve been listening to this music for as long as I can remember," Rab, the 23-year-old Christian singer, told Ynet in an email interview. "The story my family tells is that my sister, who is a metal fan, used to put the headphones on my ears when I was just a month old.”

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