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“Interview w/ Hell Hound Music”

“Can you say ANGRY? Seeker takes after deathcore giants including Molotov Solution, Born of Osiris, and The Acacia Strain to piece together a rapid-fire, hypertechnical sonic assault also influenced by Meshuggah. A wide range of different musical components make it difficult for the listener to discern as what subgenre to classify The Antagonist EP, as elements of djent, math, traditional deathcore, melodic, technical, etc are all obviously present on each track. ”

“If you’ve just watched the teaser video (above) for Seeker‘s upcoming video, “Alone,” and you feel slightly evil and like you’re rotting from the inside, we don’t blame you. It’s compelling with near subliminal messages throughout. “Alone,” which features Corey Bennet of Bermuda, will soon make its online debut, and you can bet it will be a visual experience. If there’s one thing to say about this young band, it’s that they are going after something visual, which is always welcome.”

“Road Blog for Digital Tourbus”

“Vocalist Bryce Lucien of Texas act Seeker today shares a story of an out-of-control Daughters show...”

“Guest Column: Three Bands You May Not Know But Should By Seeker’s Bryce Lucien”

“Today we're happy to premiere the first single from the forthcoming album of Dallas, Texas-based band Seeker. The track is titled "Alone" and features Corey Bennett of Bermuda.”

“Seeker has now posted the track for free download and we're super-lucky help host it. Seeker burst onto the scene in late 2011, playing its first show on October 1, 2011 before heading out on its first tour the following week. Lucien describes the band's sound as, "fast, aggressive, pissed off heavy metal. Everything we do is very raw, passionate and honest."”

“Singer Bryce Lucien describes Seeker’s sound as “fast, aggressive, pissed off heavy metal.” And we’d say that’s pretty dead on. Imagine the brutality of Meshuggah blended with Old Man Gloom, and you have something similar to Seeker.”

“And just in time for this day of love and affection, Seeker vocalist Bryce Lucien put together his Top 10 Horror Movies That You Wouldn’t Watch With Your Girlfriend. Trust me when I say that Lucien has not only done his research but that he’s come up with a list of films that only a true horror fan could know!”

“The combination of hard-hitting vocals, eerie tracks and their signature fluorescent light show in a pitch black room make for a frightening show. It’s like a scene out of a really twisted Kubrick film. ”