“Here's what Radio DJ's and Music Directors are saying about "Rasta Italist" the latest CD from SEEFARI: "This is without a doubt one of the finest, rootsiest, consciousest musical packages yet. We are sure enjoying it in The Lion's Den. " – Lioness KRCL FM - Salt lake City, Utah "The CD is very good. I like that it's roots music with a positive message. I listened to it all the way through more than once and really enjoyed it. I like the dub mixes at the end. We intend to give it lots of airplay." – Mary Searcy WCVF – Fredonia, New York "A talented musician, SEEFARI literally played every instrument on this album…I really like the song "Rootsman" – Lance –O Miami-based host of nationally syndicated "Reggae vibes" and "Island Hoppers TV" *** "Rootsman" will be featured on "Island Hoppers TV" !!!!!!!! "This is solid reggae gold!" – Dr Mooch (African Reggae artist) – Miami, FL "I like 'Wizzy' It's got that 'old school' feel." – Charleston Okafor, DJ/World Music d”

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“Tom "Seefari" Carroll is a foundational player in the Midwestern US reggae scene. He not only wrote, produced and sang these 15 trax , but he also played every instrument on this cd. Complimenting Seefari on these eleven songs and four dub versions is I Jah Melody's angelic high vocal harmonies. A plea for peace in "No War" mixes lead guitar lines with harmonica giving a blues rock flavor to the steady one drop. Rasta spirituality pours out of the reminder to "Pray Every Day" as well as the tribute to Jah on "Beautiful Majesty." The title track shows appreciation for the natural herbs and "Wizzy Wisemind" is a sweet take on the love story of Solomon and Sheba from the old testament. This whole cd has a cohesive American roots rock natural vibe to it. The disc doesn't always have that glossy polish of big budget productions, but the heart and soul behind it makes up for that.”

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"Nouvelle sensation roots reggae sur la scène internationale. Seefari fait indéniablement partie de ces jeunes artistes qui émergent sur le haut du panier. Tant mieux ! En attendant d’espérer le voir sur une de nos scènes européennes, on peut toujours se procurer cet album via le net. translation – "New roots reggae sensation on the international scene SEEFARI is undeniably one of these young artists emerging on the top of the basket. So much the better! We hope to see SEEFARI on one of our European scenes. In the meantime we can always obtain this album via the net."

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“Tom "Seefari" Carroll is a veteran Ohio-based roots singer whose Rasta Italist marks his sixth album to date. This is in itself an impressive achievement, but if Seefari took as hands-on an approach with his previous releases as he did with this one, his track record is all the more astounding. One look at the liner notes reveals his Prince-like control over all aspects of the album -- including writing, producing, engineering, lead and backing vocals, and every single instrument. Rasta Italist is a pensive and heartfelt album that harkens back to the '70s Golden Age of roots reggae. Coupled with Seefari's righteous lyrics and humble, unassuming vocals, it draws favorable comparison to Pablo Moses' best work. Highlights include "1 Love Not 2 Hate," "Pray Every Day," "No More War," and the title track.”

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““Producer, engineer, mixer, writer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Seefari does it all on Rasta Italist (Upful Sound), with the exception of some-but not all-backing vocals from I Jah Melody. Tom “Seefari” Carroll has been putting out independent music for a couple of decades and on this release he gets a masked, Perry-esque sound on the tracks and vocals that harks back to the mid-‘70s while offering songs like “Mary Jane” (you can guess what that one’s about), “Beautiful Majesty” and “Peaceful Village” that give a nuanced meaning to the concept “homegrown”. Seefari’s lengthy career in reggae shows in his familiarity with various styles from the picking guitars of rock steady to the polyrhythmic elements utilized in “Run to the hills". One thing for sure, he is doing what he enjoys and enjoying what he does on this set of 11 original songs that closes with four bubbling dubs”.”

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“from the US (although I don't know exactly where he makes his home) is Seefari, whose CD Rasta Italist (Upful Sound US1015CD, 2007) is true to its title with extended meditations on Haile Selassie, ganja, spiritual unity, natural living and the absurdity of war. Seefari is a hands-on dread who plays all the instruments, sings nearly all the vocals and cultivates a murky, dub-heavy sound that's deeply pleasing whether you're the inhaling type or not”

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“Seefari from Dayton, Ohio and his reggae band were jamming under the canopied stage as spectators lounged in the golden sun, slowly soaking in his reggae vibes. The timid ones that lay out on the lawn took a little while to warm up to the sounds as he relentlessly delivered with passion. However, the bold that knew the reggae classics that he and his band skillfully covered were up in front of the stage grooving, enjoying to the maximum the rare fun in the sun that blessed Akron. Seefari, a seasoned and consistent performer proved his commitment to the music. Seefari was nothing short of a roots sound power that eventually brought man, woman, and child to their feet! As the sun set, Seefari’s band of horns, strings, bass, drums and things came to a powerful close! - Sojourner Tre Clevelandreggae.com”

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“Seefari was nothing short of a roots sound power"”

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"Rasta Italist is a pensive and heartfelt album that harkens back to the '70s Golden Age of roots reggae. Coupled with Seefari's righteous lyrics and humble, unassuming vocals, it draws favorable comparison to Pablo Moses' best work. - Reggae Reviews.com Burbank, California