“Wandering - Von Pop zu Folk zu egal, weil genial. Mit Seed To Tree!”

“La pop de Seed to Tree a éclairé la Rockhal”

“Seed to Tree pack the Rockhal for triumphant album release”

“C’est un voyage à travers le paysage musical de Seed To Tree”

“Mit "Wandering" ist den Newcomern ein putziges kleines Album für Fans verspielten Indiepops gelungen”

“Leur musique balaye tout préjugés concernant la folk pop”

“Le folk indie à l'honneur”

“Seed to Tree selected to represent Luxembourg at Multipistes”

“Lëtzebuerger Band bei Musekprojet aus der Groussregioun dobäi, deen vun der EU ënnerstëtzt gëtt”

“Seed to Tree - Kletterplanzen”

“The simplicity of their sound is a welcome distraction from some of their over-produced new-age contemporaries”

“Von null auf hundert”

“Une graine qui commence à pousser”

“Multipistes: Seed to Tree, ambassadeur du Luxembourg”

“Qui sème le vent, recolte le tempo”

“Ce folk va grandir”

“Folk erfrischend jung”

“All Seed to Tree radio interviews at one link!”

“Nous avons un peu le monopole du folk”

"It all starts with a seed that is growing and growing and after a while even a small seed can become a big tree”