Security In Numbers / Press

“Asher Fay has emerged as a hell of a vocalist- smoothing out a hint of rasp somewhere between Davey Havok and Justin Sane. He sings with equal conviction for sure. Descent into the Unknown sounds much brighter in both guitar and drum tones than their self-titled, 2012 release (which to be honest, I dug because it was a little bass(ier)…is that a word?). But, the break-neck speed and energy of the band triumphs on this record and the songs are about as fist-pump, get in the pit, crank it on your car stereo-worthy as one can get. Dig it.”

“When it comes to Security In Numbers new release – the track I love is Take It All Away. I don't think that can happen, this band is on its way to world domination.”

“I don't know when Security in Numbers started sounding like a band that could've been on Epitaph or Fat Wreck in the mid 90s, but I like the new direction.”

Peter Morse - Gathering Place

“They’re becoming one of the hardest working new local acts. For fans of Descendants, Diesel Boy, and the like, SIN is quickly securing a place in the hearts of local rockers and punkers alike.”

“They are a must see if you like punk (along the lines of Rancid and Pennywise). They have an amazing sound that takes me back to house shows where everyone was drunk and bloody but happy and having a good time.”

“Rambunctious, energetic, all hooks sing along punk, “Bragging Rights” is still stuck in my head.”

"Awesome retro musical style, intensity and showmanship"

Producers - Meet The Band

“Hard, fast, throwin-elbows, mosh pit punk rock anthems custom made for shakin’ your seasonally depressed ass back to reality.”