Sector 7-G / Press

“At the Cheyenne Saloon on May 18th, Saturday night, a group of individuals were brought together with only giving back on their minds. Organized and arranged by the huge heart-ed Dennis Steffen, the drummer in Sector 7-G, the bar held a fundraiser for the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth.”

“It was my great pleasure to be at this show and meet the wonderful people over at the Little Friends Foundation and especially Keller. Thanks to Dennis Steffen for putting together such a thoughtful and inspiring event. Here's the photos from Friday night accompanied by a little article. Bands that played: IDFI, A/V Pharm, Sector 7-G, ?Metasopheli?, Domino & the Derelicts. Save the Photos, Like the Article, SHARE the article! Thanks!”

“im drunnk and these guys are aweseome whhhaaaooo!!!!!”

that one drunk guy