Secret William / Press

"...Playing third was Secret William, a band that had an eclectic form of music styles that ranged from funk, blues, retro rock, and surfer. Clay was the vocalist and lead. They also played a few songs with a vibraphone. Yes, a vibraphone! Caleb Arellano was rocking the drums while Tyler Dunn grooved on the bass. The band had awesome originality with guitar riffs that were unique. The vibraphone gave a really nice ambiance to the overall feel of the sound. The lyrics/vocals were placed well throughout the songs; the songs themselves displayed a good use of dynamics with unique chord progressions....."

Javier Nino - The Viking Helm (WVC paper)

"... the Secret to William is that he's in a rock band, a three-piece blues inflected that grew up on copious amounts of Pavement, with an affinity for their parents classic rock collection..."

AC - Metro paper