Second Rate Angels / Press

“Being the London home of the official Bloodstock club night ‘Club Serpent‘ makes the Intrepid Fox the perfect venue for SECOND RATE ANGELS (8) to shake off the Bloodstock grass (no mud this year thankfully). Like any band who have just trod the holy boards of any Bloodstock stage SRA seem to stand ten feet tall tonight, filling the stage with an almighty presence that only such an experience can bring. While some promoters have stood scratching their heads at the idea of the band being too rock for metal gigs and too metal for rock gigs the band itself has taken both, squashed them down to minimal proportions and unleashed a nuclear detonation of metallised rock across the likes of London, Reading and most recently Catton Hall. Spaced apart tips its hat at Hardcore Superstar-esque sleaze but it is too damn heavy to call it rock, while Loose connection is delivered with a slight punkish snarl, Metallica style stomp and Maiden inspired guitar solos, inciting the crowd to dance, move”

“SECOND RATE ANGELS (7.5) show why they left their London final performance lodged in people's cranium. Not as heavy as most of the bill they showcase a fine metal-come-rock approach which has a real metal 'n' roll feel to it which is impossible to ignore. Bass playing vocalist Dave Gobran has one of those voices that add well needed grit into the proceedings and do quality songs like 'Loose connection' justice.”

“Simply the sort of music that the workaholic would drive home to, basically because it has that relaxing element to it, sure the self-titled EP by Second Rate Angels is a criss-cross between Thrash Metal and Metalcore, regardless of that it has a little twinkle to it that signifies a chilling release. Even so, for the lads from Hertfordshire, this has to be perhaps places in the 'one to watch out for league', with an army of riffs and a building block of crazy-ass drums and vocals, Second Rate Angels are due to become a frequent name mentioned on the South-East Metal music circuit, even if it's early days.”

“Within minutes of taking to the stage Second Rate Angels have a bra thrown at them – very rock ‘n’ roll. This is exactly the kind of set they put on, a good time metal-tinged, rock show. Vocalist and rumbling bass player Dave Gobran has a powerful voice that carries well throughout the venue and his low end delivery manages to keep up with thrashing guitar duo Chris Lewis and Matt Clark. Lightning fast leads and headbang-inducing riffing are the order of the day from the London based foursome.”