Second Lovers / Press

“These days, it’s getting hard to throw a rock in this city without hitting a roots-rock/indie-folk-country band, and while it’s true that a large number of ‘em are good, it can be tempting to get jaded and cynical each time a new one comes along. After listening (repeatedly) to Second Lovers’ debut full-length, Wishers, Dreamers & Liars, however, I sincerely hope that more-of-the-same familiarity doesn’t make people pass this band by, because that’d be a sad, stupid mistake. I think a large part of why Wishers works so damn well, I have to say, comes down to singer/guitarist Nico Morales, who bitterly growls his way through song after song like he never cracks a smile (and going by the promo photos I’ve seen, that may actually be the case). The man’s got some major demons to deal with, it seems, and Wishers feels like his own way of taking them on... Read more on the link given.”

"Ahh, I love the sounds of a good folky, indie band. The vocals are so beautiful and the band is elegant sounding. I really love it, it’s mellow but edgy. How great. ♥"

Likes for Locals

"Amazing harmonics, sweet strong pure melodies, very talented instrumentalists and a group vibe that flows so well it allows the crowd to feel comfortable and truly enjoy the craftiness of each song! Also it helps that you all have bright souls & it reflects onto your audience! I looked around the room last night and folks never even heard yall before had a smile on their face just in awe & sweet bliss!"

Jordan Panell - Local Live with Second Lovers