SE BON KI RA / Press

“The five songs show a good band with a solid grip on the modern thrash genre, with thick guitars, coarse vocals and heavy grooves. SE BON KI RA aren’t lacking in a few ideas, as the epic and outstanding title track and the closing section of Shades of Hate show”

The Sound Cellar - The Sound Cellar

“SE BON KI RA delivers a five-shot knockout of groove laden metal.”

“SE BON KI RA are one of the more outstanding artists in South Australia at the moment… An amazing, intense almost brutal live show is one of the better ones I’ve seen in a long time.”

Sacha Sewell, Big Day Out organiser

“Experience shines through on ‘One Thousand Ways To Be', as this is a mature and very cohesive release… a really impressive debut.”

“SE BON KI RA play an easily accessible style of heavy metal, simply described with a comparison with US band Lamb of God. Hard guitars and tough guy vocals laid over an infectious groove and downbeat”

“It doesn’t take much of a look to find the good in SE BON KI RA.”

“By far the best Adelaide metal release I have heard in quite some time”