Sebastien Parentin / Press

“Lets get to my guest today who was on Skoped Out 3 years ago and he is still going strong. Sébastien Parentin is from France and his music is simply intimate and beautiful. Sébastien has a new single “Before You Go” and is constantly putting new music on social media. Any up & coming artist can respect & appreciate his patience, ambition, and talent. Join us today as Sébastien speaks openly about where he has been the past 3 years, perseverance in the music biz, terrorism in Paris, and so much more!”

“Sébastien Parentin has a great degree of musicianship that he brings to the fore in each of his inventive songs. At Song Revelation we’re looking forward to how Sébastien’s sound and signature sound develops over the coming months.”

“How did this band get started? The funny thing is that, in the early beginnings (2 years ago), I didn't plan to release my songs to the public. As an up-coming songwriter, I used to play my songs just for myself and close friends. Back in my school days I jammed with a few friends from university and we decided to form a rock band. We played famous songs as well as original material without any pretentiousness, just for fun. Gradually, considering the positive feedback from my band-mates and fans, I realized that I had some good songwriting skills. As soon as I finished my studies, the band obviously broke up... then I decided to take things one step further and record my own songs. Finally, the first song that came out was “Before You Go”.”

“In the last in the series of interviews this week Sebastien Parentin spoke to Smokin’ Charlie Brown about his new record ‘Before You Go’. Read the exclusive interview below!”

“Emerging artist Sebastien Parentin steps into the limelight with an unmistakable aura of determination and musical prowess. His latest single “Before You Go” traces familiar musical structures with a technical hand to paint exhilarating atmospheric tracks, with a piano-driven tapestry and stylistic echoes to Coldplay’s earlier works and Matthew Bellamy’s (MUSE) progressive compositions.”

“Sebastien Parentin is an unsigned artist from Strasbourg, France and he is mainly influenced by British music such as Coldplay, Keane and Muse. Sebastien is currently working on his first album and the first single is the piano driven "Before you go", we´re talking beautiful alternative pop here and the song is a grower. I wasn´t too fond of the song at first but after a few spins, I think it´s quite good. It reminds me of artists like Gavin Mikhail and Daniel Powter. Sebastien was a finalist in the 2010 Artist Forum international music competition so there´s no doubt he´s a talented singer/songwriter, truly an artist to keep an eye on.”

“Another week of great music is upon us. This week I am very excited because we leave the comforts of New England and head to Strasbourg which is north of France. The beauty of music today is that it is truly global. Thanks to the Internet we can discover & enjoy new music from all over the world with ease. That is exactly what we are going to do today with my guest Sebastien Parentin. Sebastien does not have an album out yet but he has put out various singles that have gained him recognition in 2010 Artist Forum and Billboard. Join us this week as Sebastien talks about his musical education, his father’s role in his music, and he even talks about “Ebb & Flow” which we offer the MP3 as well.”

“Welcome to another amazing month of music from the incredible musicians that make up the Sonicbids.com community. We have chose a select group of amazing musicians that will be speaking directly to the Skope readers. As always we encourage readers to dig deeper and check out their EPK’s. Skope: What does it mean to be an A2W artist? Sébastien Parentin: Firstly, it’s obviously a great honor to be considered as an “amazing musician” by skope magazine! It’s always very cheering and stimulating to know that your hard work is appreciated, especially from people who know what they’re talking about. I also listened to the other June 2011 artists’ music and I must say I’m proud to be one of them. I think it is also a great opportunity to get more exposure, and maybe give a boost to my emerging career.”

“G3: What inspires your music? SP: I sometimes think that laying my fingers on the piano is a way to let my unconscious speaking. I was never really able to “control” my creativity, and to know why some nights I feel inspired, and why the rest of the time nothing happens. However, I must recognize that human relationships (whether they be fulfilling or unhappy) affect me a lot, and often when I feel the need, songwriting is definitively an outlet to free my mind.”