"9,0/10,0: Tears Of White Roses" is the best power metal album in this year. There is nothing to criticize, I applaud enthusiastically."

“4,5/5,0: "The album is definitely recommended for people who like to listen to bands like Kamelot or Serenity"”

“9,0/10,0: In short, don't mess about. Treat yourself. If you buy only one album this year, trust me, when I say it's the best AOR/hard rock album I've heard since the debuts from Nightwish, Hardline and House Of Lords. A true master class!”

POWER PLAY (Phil Kane)

“4,75/5,0: Sebastien's Tears of White Roses is strong debut, equally impressive and entertaining, of melodic heavy metal from this Czech band. Strongly recommended.”

“I put lots of my energy in them because I believe they can wake up the interest abroad and reach the international success!”

Roland Grapow (Masterplan)