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Sebastian Jaross (Solo) / Press

“Hello Sebastian, genial production. Magnificent instrumental and terrific vocal. Hugely excellent. You think to Zappa mood, yes indeed, and also as Richard suggested, Captain Beefheart. He liked to use these staccato rhythms. Truly excellent my dear friend”

“The slide reminds me of Zoot Horn Rollo on the early Captain Beefheart music.”

“Very cool song, sound my awesome friend!!!”

“Very fine production, yeah I hear a twinge of Zappaesque but you have uniquely turned that into Jarosasesque, excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Funkin' out to it. Great vocals!!!!!!”

“Damnit... it's too early in the day to dance this nasty!”

“Love this song Sebastian. Your vocals are great! I really enjoyed this track”

“Its a very good bluesy/funky thing you have made. In the beginning I can understand you have taken elements from the Zappa way of doing Things, but as the song goes on, you make the elements your own and the song - with the blues lyrics as I can tell - what I wanna say - you get in the groove with this song and don't think about its complexity and from where you got the inspiration - right on!”

“fuzzy production on this one. I like it!!!”

“Outstanding Sebastian.You somehow get a funk feeling in a non funk tune. I can hear Bootsy influence. He's an old aquaintance. Strang but good Vocal mix. Nice to hear something original”

“Always a pleasure to hear what you're coming up with my friend! Funny track with lots of different music style elements, I even hear Elvis leave the building sometimes:). Cool country blues tracks and yeah... great bass again!”

“Amazing. Really inventive Sebastian! I really like the Zappa vibe. Must have been a ton of fun to put this together.”

“I really like that style. Looking forward to checking out more of your work!”

"Zappaesque" indeed, but highly original !! I Like the interrelation of the parts !

“Right On!!! Great production!! Really enjoyed the lyrics!!!”

“Very great Solo ! love your sound, your groove”

“HOT HOT HOT!!!!! Way funky man, Fantastic playing, WOW!! Had me grooving all the way. Your the man! Love, Peace & Happiness Bro.”

“Very cool sound on this project Seb you're a playa!”

“quite the musician for sure. Read your explanation up top which helps people like me understand a little better what's going on, but nobody needs to be told what they can hear right hear...you wail on the bass man!!!”

“Absolutely Great! Waaaaay to go Sebastian”

“Another cool one, and absolutely nice solo!!!”

“Yes sir this sounds good, me like it great stuff !”

“Just love the Bass/drum tracks, awesome piece.”

“Totally smokin' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Brother Mason ... you are a Monster on that Bass ..... so dig your style!”

“Excellent composition - serious chops!!!! Great recording too! I'm in....”

“Love the dash of Jazz, excellent production, full of flavor!! Enjoyed reading your analogy, awesome!! Thanks for your great comments, so glad that I stopped in.. You're quite the musician!! Peace to you!”

“Forgive me for my simpler mindedness, but I pictured a triad when you spoke of the pyramid. I was incorrect. This is full of great sound and is a great listen. Nice work.”

“Bass to the max!!! This is almost too good. If I was Prince I let you play in my funk(rock) band! :) Good introduction too, it helps to dive deeper in the track.”

“You got some awesome chops on that Bass..this song to me has a mixture of funk and Jazz..pretty cool sound love it..Bravo Sebastian!!”

“WOW! Great one Sebastian... really!!! You are super my friend!”

“Brave move to post such a composition oriented piece for such a select audience......I really love this piece and wish you well in attracting those who can count and maintain as meter”

“Ooooh yeah, that's really a fantastic production, the bass sounds really hypercool!!!”

“Bass line is great! and good sound for !!! Good vibe !!”

“Very Well done Sebastian!!!! Very well performed.....Great one!!!”

“Love this. Incredible bass playing here! powerful!”

“Sounds So Great, Wonderful & Awesome Here By You, Sebastian!! I Loved It Alot, My Friend!! Big Huge Props For You, My Best Talented Friend & Blues Bro!! - Big Will :)”

“So cool Sebastian!!! I love it! Yaba daba do! What a cool groove! Wow, you rule cat!!!!”

“I love it... can 'feel' it setting me up.., can I come in ... now..., ??! Very cool, Sebastian. Stressful day just got de-stressed.”

“Great Bassing bro!!...Im wizzed back to Stanley Clark, Jaco Pastorious and Alphonso Johnson...”

“Great work as ever Seb ... Totally cool”

“This is really good!! Great blues!”

“great blues bass & guitar”

“Great Song, Like The Guitar, Great Words...”

“Ahh Yes!! Sing, and play those blues!!!---Lee”

“Cool! Great Blues and bass guitar work!”

“Oh Yeah....Blues on my Friend”

“Blues done well, love it!”

“This is perfect! Every instrument is great and it provided a great satisfaction to the listener. I really enjoyed your bass lines. Wonderful!!”

“Excellent blues groove. We love it.”

“Great, excellent sound for live recording !”

“Excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Real great Blues. Very cool.”

“great song zero defaut”

“Delightful top quality blues!!”

“Wow Great performance. So beautiful song. I love it!”

“What a great tune! I just love Coco's material, and you really do it justice. Excellent bottom end groove, my friend! Next time you venture north to Canada let me know. I'll be sure to catch your show. 'Peace'”

“Beautiful playing and singing from start to finish! Top notch here all day long.”

“holysmoke brother what a wonderful bluesjourney-awesome guitskills/feel-am in a good state here!”

“I put on my blue(s) suede shoes and shuffle in my room with this track loud out of my speaker box:) Cool again Sebastian!”

“Blues man is back better than ever!!”

“so well done : we ve got it ;-)))”

“Wonderful blues track, fantastic musical performance and chant!!! Great band!!!”

“Very nice and smooth blues !! Very cool Carried by this performance Bravo Seb Domi”

“Very well performed!!!!!”

“m loving this...Im a fan of blues and this is awesome xx”

“...notingly superbe Bass. Your bass is as the true friend, always present when it's necessary. Great Sebastian”

“Very nice! I was a Bluesman for most of my career, nice recording, excellent performance.”

“A very nice live blues performance!”

“Brilliant..loved it...”

“Nice playing Sebastian...very cool.”

“...shaking the floor and doing it right, in a total friggin POCKET.....you're in the ZONE Brother”

“Great blues here!!!”

“Nice playing Sebastian...very cool.”

“What fabulous blues this morning here! Thanks Brother! :)”

“Very classy !! Very smooth and enjoyable - this shows your "team player" side - you are a very deep artist my friend”

“Slick,Sweeet and just flat out GOOD”

“You've a got a real feel for the blues no doubt.., your bass is a great support for vocalists especially to give them options of possible alternative interpretations to what's expected... Bravo.”

“Hell yes love it”

“Fabulous energy, excellent sound, great work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Yow !! Powerful my friend ! A challenge to say the least !! Well done all performers here - very clean, very precise (I couldn't do that without my pick !) !! The closest I got to that was Cult Of Personality - I got an arm cramp just listening !! Bravo !!”

“This rocks pretty damn hard... fun riff and well developed sounds.”

“Sounds like it was a workout for all of the guys! Driving stuff.”

“Watch out Geddy. You've competition! Neat track.”

“Yeah. Straight, genius Sound.”

“nice work always good to hear the bass up front”

“Awesome job Sebastian.”

“Monster Bass playing here!!! this is quite a good song!! you Rock Sebastian!”

“Sebastian you always play awesome tracks Bravo for you! Love this!”

“Excellent!! My right hand hurts just listening to this!!!”

“Well done!!!!”

“Excellent rock music my friend, you have another follower.”

“Very good my man! Flavors of Rush to these ears!”

“Great feel to this track my friend !!!...Loving it !!!! : )”

“Hello Sebastian, Excellent piece. Great instrumental progressive Rock with a terrific bass line.”

“Impressive playing!”

“Rocking cool song! x”

“WOW!!!!! That's my konda stuff! Love the hard edge. you are fantastic. That band must have been fun. The composition is nicely complex, great breaks, nice theme and variation work.”

“That's sure rocking brother!!! Wonderful stuff!”


“Awesome bass performance!!!!!”

“This is pretty funk'in' good! Nice!!”

“Impressive, sounds crazy good!!! Cool chant!!! Like it!!!”

“Excellent, Sebasstian!!! (typo intentional) I like it!!”

“Smokin' bass and really fine track !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“What a way to deal with the occasional misogynistic feeling!! I share the sentiment but lack the chutzpah to sing it out loud. heh-heh-heh Great song...that DNA at work, I hear a little bit of yer Dad in this music.”

“Your vocals remind me of Brian Setzer on this one. Just a little bit out there enough for me to love it :) cheers”

“Smokin Bass, too cool!!!! great funny song! Really well done Sebastian!! you are a talented bass player!!!!”

“Dig the attitude with this jam, right on Man!!! Killer music too!!!”

“Unique...and sounds great... Mega props!!!”

“This is really really cool and hip and entertaining... cool”

“Cool tunes!”

“Really cool - love it, my brother...”

“Hello Sebastian, Nice groovy and meaningful song. Great vocal performance on accurate and beautiful melody.”

“Cool track and groove Seb !!!...Nice one Bro !!! : )”

“Love the movement ! You can make this anything you want by massaging the lyrics - I can hear a trumpet section on the chorus !”

“Has a groove. Well recorded Brother Sebastian. I'm not too hung up on messages. Lyrics are cool. I realize you're closer to it. Very cool music. The mix is one of the better I've heard this year.”

“Awesome groovin tune my brother!”

“Beautiful track Sebastian. Cool beat and lyrics.”

“I like this Sebastian xxx”

“Wow, very very good”

“This is cool Sebastian! Annoyingly infectious!”

“I have a front row seat Sebastian......Lovin' This”

“Great tracks here Sebastian!”

“Hey, Brother Mason! Nice work as always. I wouldn't worry about people thinking you are making a "position statement". The lyric reflects a part of real life. These attitudes are prevalent among many people. It can be seen just as easily as a sarcastic comment on men who still live with the attitude.”

“Lovin' this funk...bass is wicked 4sure...Big Smile City all the way S.J....Bammm!!”

“The bass is the icing on the cake! Cheers!”

“this *sister* digs this tune big time Your sound is unique and I loveeeeeeeeeeeee it Sebastian.. ROCK ON!!!! Hugssssss”

“Oh yea! You need a funk drummer. I would be happy to funk up a track for ya. Very nice”

“Great song and playing Sebastian.”

“Cool Sebastian! Like the rhythm especially!”

“the first song got the audience kicking! This is real cool.”

“Your music is always interesting. This reminds me of Frank Zappa in places.”

“Superbe Rock song with some Zappa colours. Top quality, Great instrumental and superbe vocal. Love it a lot my friend”

“Funky and sweet, good one!”

“Outstanding bass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“You put new meaning to Funk ~ i love that thump you put on that bass !”

“Cool grooving stuff, love your bass play, sounds great!!! Awesome!!!”

“Great love your Bass Tone”

“Love the Bass !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bravo sir !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Wow, yeah, very visual and just PUMPS action like crazy. This is great stuff. You are a Great Spirit and a F*N madman, and I think I love ya! lol ...this is just brilliant. You would make Jaco proud, man. To know that his influence along with others has brought this out of you. Masterful.”

“Awesome bass work, my brother. Bring that over here. That's fire.”

“Embrace the funky bass!!! Cool rock road trip my friend!”

“Wow! this piece really moves! Traveling at a fast speed!”

“Intensely skillful”

“Cool slap funk-rock bass!!”

“But Hallo Sebastian!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Can Be funky You Can !!! Ohhh You Can Play too !! Great Sebastian!!”

“You can surprise with speed, Sebastian. Brilliant drive.”

“Incredible bass playing!!!!”

“Excellent bass/drum interplay!!! Like it a bunch I do!”

“wow Sebastian, i like this high speed one”

“Great track and excellent bass work”

“Super bass and drum lines, great stuff Sebastian”

“I got almost 387 of 500 messages in this groovy track:)! It's a good reminder for me to focus on the music!! Amazing bass again my friend!!”

“Nice!! Your bass really propels this one right along!!!”

“Incredible sounds going down!”

“'Sometimes a Song Is Just A Song' !...or IS It ??? LOL Entertaining and Thoughtful ! Smiles and Best JL”

“Cool grooving stuff, love your bass play, sounds great!!! Awesome!!!”

“very nicely done enjoyed this one”

“Super bass playing on this..nice groove..Bravo Sebastian!!”

“FFF. Fast,Furious and Funky. Great bass playing.”

“power skill time ;-))) i see images of motorcycles speedy night riding under the bright lights of city streets !”

“HOLY CRAP MAN !! ?!?! ... Oh man, this has car chase written all over it - YAHOO !!!”

“Kool kool... gr8 Slap'n man”

“Amazing bass playing on a good rythm Bravo Seb Domi”

“Always love my visit to your studio Sebastian.. You are right on my friend..Love the energy in this track”

“Great playing Sebastian!”

“Bad A$$$$$$$ !!!!!!!! Heavy sir, love it !!!!!”

“Glad you made it out alive, Brother Mason.I love this sound.”

“Great! Very cool my friend!!!!!!”

“Great expression of how a ' writer's block was solved by completing a new track! I like this Dirty Little Puppet, definitely a puppet played without a string:)! Cool stuff again Sebastian!”

“I feel the story in the song...thanks for sharing this one!”

“Something of the Stranglers in this one ???? in more funky indeed :-)))) bravo”

“Very cool my friend !!!”

“I Expect YOU are The Sort To Argue With Yourself Regular eh SJ ??? LOL Great Tap Your feet Jolly Fun Song ! Love It ! Cheers ! Smiles and Best JL”

“Great Song Sebastian.I can relate very well to it.Well done.”

“Particular atmosphere but with a magnificent singing which carries well this song Bravo Seb Domi”

“this very good my friend....great one”

“Well done, great song!!!”

“I'm glad you used the musical outlet as catharsis Brother Sebastian... I got it. There's a lot of those VH-1 stories. In the music community.”

“I always find music is great for getting frustrations out. Glad your music helped you. Nice work”

“Nice work Sebastian!!”

“Very cool!! Music is always the best medicine...”

“I dig it. Personal stories make for the best songs...”

“I like your style, you're not afraid to venture out of your comfort zone. This is very good bro and movin' !”


“this is some boss stuff right here dude”

“WOW - the whole feeling of vibes in one song!!! GREAT! Dirk”

“Great song , excellent performance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Great song and performance, sweet bass”

“Wow!!!! great number, really rocks, love the harp solo, can hear your audience also having a great time!!!! Love your bass playing Sebastian and the guitar playing, all in all a fantastic "LIVE" performance!!!!”

“Fantastic song, great job, cool band!!!”

“Professional recording. Great tone. Yep I can see why it gets 'em going.”

“The roots !! Oh yea - meat and potatoes blues dude !! In America, these tunes blossomed into what we know today in most every genre - Right ON !! Well done -VERY clean !”

“Boogie down Brother!!! Groovin' Sebastian!!”

“Sweet bottom end”

“Good blues done very well, gotta love....i do i do!”

“Great cover of the Iceman. Were all chilled now.”

“Great post and excellent live performance, Sebastian. Quality.”

“glad i stopped by this is awesome mate:)”

“You guys smashed it.....love...love”

“Good blues!!! your band is very talented and tight!”

“I love this one, that's a great performance! Very cool guitar, bluesharp and vocals!”

“Real Smooth 'R & B' or 'B & R' ? LOL Has a 'Freedom' Within it which is Hard To define but feels GOOD ! Cheers ! Smiles and Best JL”

“Great track !! Nice bass and song !!! I like to much Bravo Seb Domi”

“Sebastian I threw my back out of place from chair dancing. Please send me your address so I can send you my doctor bill.”

“awesome funky-ride production Sebastian-got me on a magic train:)”

“again, has a touch of Claypool in there!!!”

“Sweet, for how much is going on, this is Soooooo smooth!! I am in awe. Nice vocals, too :)”

“Cool track that lives on the amazing baselines! You surely know how 2 slap that thing:)”

“FUNKY!!! & FUN!!! & Radical!!!”

“Great bass playing my friend !!!...Nice one Sebastian !!! : )”

“Sweet Bass Sabastian, Great song LMFHO”

“He He Master Baiter.. quick, quirky, cheeky fun filled groovy, soul filled fast and furious, bumping and grinding with great naughty and wicked lyrics..that bemuse,tease and please...and leave you wanting more.. just like Master Baiter...wink”

“Just about ready to turn in but now I won't sleep all night. Excellent performance Sebastian. You rock man”

“Cheeky brother..,. and funky.”

“hey Sebastian this is making this intro to weekend a great 1 great vocal job on this well crafted alt-funk wave brother!!”

“Killer Bass Line bro. This kick's ass!”

“It is the weekend so the right time to listen to this wild and crazy song...WOW....Closed my eyes and visioned all sorts of things.... This is one COOL, ROCKIN song.... KEEP Doin it Sebastian cause what you do is FABULOUS Hugssssss :)”

“I absolutely love the bass style. You really tear it up. I love lead bass. Better than lead guitar. Take it as it comes, Brother Mason!”

“awsome track great bass playing too”

“Cool bass line! Cool tune!”

“Totally owning that bass, baby, and very creative vox \m/”

“amazing playing, seb! :)”

“Very nice :))”

“Love your sinister bass on this. It reminds me of the White Stripes but with a bass added.”

“Dig it, interesting vocal and great bass. Very good work..”

“Cool paranoia bass too Sebastian:)!! Track reminds me of some of the best work by The Cure in the 80's, William does a great job on this song!”

“Hey great Slapping !!!”

“Killer bass(!), LOVE the vocal inflection. Reminds me of King Crimson, especially with the meandering guitar stuff all around. Really great piece, man.”

“Intricate, quick part man ! Interesting textures...”

“real cool song, smokin bass lines! always good music here! well done Sebastian!!”

“Heck yeah!!....that bass is talking and breathing....rockin' good....great collab.....nicely done....”

“Yeah it's paranoid,and with a really cool bass line!Props Sebastian!”

“Thank you, Sebastian for bringing the funk. I still wanna work with you on a few tracks. Peace and blessings.”

“Really fine arrangement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“That's a SICK Bass Line & the tune reminds me of the Police tune My Telephone is Ringing :) BTW that's a Compliment !!! Great Job !!!!”

“Love it Sebastian sir !!!!!!!! Cool as ever !!!!!!!!!!!”

““Sweet bottom end!!!””

““You've a got a real feel for the blues no doubt.., This bass gives great support, for the vocalist especially, it gives him so many options and possible alternative interpretations to what's expected... Bravo.””

““Sounds Really Great, Wonderful & Awesome Singing & Great Playing Here By You, Sebastian!! I Loved It A lot, Bro!! Big Huge Props For You, My Best Talented Friend & Blues Bro!!””

““Wow!!!! great number, really rocks, love the harp solo, can hear your audience also having a great time!!!! Love your bass playing Sebastian and the guitar playing, all in all a fantastic "LIVE" performance!!!!””

““Great song , excellent performance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!””

““Oh yeah, i dig this man. The bass work is absolutely top notch, simply tasty and spot-on. Great recording, too, really warm tones on the bottom and crisp highs. props to the whole band, very nice!””

““...Excellent my dear friend. Superbe Blues "Your" Vocalists is truly excellent. Love your friendly way... Regarding the song, Brilliant vocal and instrumental lines and notingly superbe Bass. Your bass is as the true friend, always present when it's necessary””

“Mason Jaross is one of the best bass players I've ever had the pleasure of playing with! He was with The Craig Allen Blues Band for over 6 or 7 years and performed at some of the biggest blues events ever held outdoors in the United States! Craig Allen”

“Outstanding song writing from a long time song writer. The finest bass player I have ever heard live, or from the studio...”

Patrick Frost - O.M.V.A.

“..."I also thought you have some incredible tracks"”

“Nice vocal my friend!! Jon”

Jon Jones - jonesstudio1

“Your sound is fantastic. Greetings.”

“Thanks for the inspiration! Peace,”

“..enjoyed your tracks, especially 'Dry' The interplay between the different parts is really smart and the layers of sound you build up create a well balanced clean sounding atmosphere. Which is a skill in itself”

“What a wonderful mix of tunes! It really showcases your diverse skills! Much respect my friend!”

“'Mel' is our favorite so far. Excellent arrangement and timing.”

“Amazing bass playing on this piece. Very good my friend”

“Fantastic as always my friend!!!!!!”

“Absolutely cool one, Sebastian !!!!...peace!”

“Like the way you sewed the parts together and hit 'em with a lightning bolt. "It's Aliiiiive". (Saw your Frankenstein reference). Excellente Brother Sebastian.”

“Good track, and with great force on guitar!!!!”

“Ole... this is soooo cool Sebastian!!! Beautiful...I'm chilling in a little bit of Heaven!! (:-)”

“Dude, you remind me of another psychotically creative old fella' we both know. I swear you both can't get one "in the can" before another melody is moving you to start another !!! LMAO - it's deja' vu, but with you it has a SHINY METAL EDGE...You make amazing sounds my friend !!”

“oh yeah, i dig this man. your bass work is absolutely top notch, simply tasty and spot-on. great recording, too, really warm tones on the bottom and crisp highs. props to the whole band, very nice!”

“Just too cool, great band, sounds goooooddddd.”

“Hello Sebastian, Excellent Crazy funky instrumental, very well in line with your great explanations”