Sebastian "CBazz" Fort / Press

“The Impaler: Who else is involved? Producers, writers, directors, key grips, actors, foley artists…. EP: Not all of this is certain yet. I am, however, shooting with Director of Photography Alex Van Brande, who I have worked with on several occasions, and his work is beautiful. We will also have wonderful original music from Atlas Mason, who did the music for my most recent feature, The Cohasset Snuff Film. MO: We also have the wonderful Nino Buzzone on board as director and producer – he achieved almost overnight fame and fortune for his hit webseries A Guy Walks Into A Bar – as well as MoreHorror.com’s Seth Metoyer as the series’ Associate Producer. As far as talent is concerned, we are thrilled to have tons of rising stars among our ranks, including Arielle Brachfeld (The Haunting Of Whaley House), Jordan Elizabeth Goettling (Knock Knock 2), comedy powerhouse Sebastian ‘C-Bazz’ Fort, Will Green (Crosstown), and Christina Desiere (Morbid: A Love Story).”

“Mixing horror and comedy is a skill that Edward Payson most definitely has, and nowhere is there a better example of this than his casting Sebastian "C-Bazz" Fort in Sunday Night Slaughters. C-Bazz is a hilariously talented fun-loving comedian/actor/writer who is taking the comedy world by storm and who is now apparently gearing up to storm the horror world too.”

“On the night ChinaShopMag is fortunate enough to attend The Bare Bones Show, in addition to surprise appearances from Dane Cook and Daniel Tosh (above), master of ceremonies’ Joe Sib is joined by SNL-alum Finesse Mitchell (A.N.T. Farm), Legendary comic Dom Irrera, newcomer C-Bazz, the very funny Brent Weinbachand the Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba who entertained with some acoustic songs.”

"C-Bazz is on his way!!"