Sebastian Bach / Press

"bus living. bus life...."

“Guns N' Roses / Sebastian Bach #3 Winter Tour in North America”

"Sebastian Bach Saves Axl Rose from Knife Wielding Man"

"For me, it's cool because I think it expands country music a bit," John Rich

“the show will be "a lot of fun to watch -- a lot of mayhem, a lot of drunk arguments, only not from me this time."”

“All I know is that my band, onstage, is living in 2008, not 1988.”

“You will love ROADRAGE!”

“It sounds nuts, but that's what I do!”

“Will your Oz shows include Skid Row classics as well as old material? I’m not sure yet. Maybe, maybe not. You’ll have to come along and see.”

“FYI: Today's New York Post Article that mentions my name is 100 Percent WRONG. No truth to the article whatsoever. I am only doing one TV Show so far this year: "Gone Country 2" for CMT Network, which starts airing in August. That is the ONLY TV show I am doing at the moment.”

“we might do all Skid Row songs. We might do none. We play whatever the fuck we want. It's called rock'n'roll!”