SeaStar / Press

“...mostly love songs ...Fae's voice is lovely and she can often do without words. The words, available at SeaStar's Facebook page are quite interesting. Her vibrato is warm and captivating and these are nicely crafted tunes. 'True' has a mesmerizing guitar rhythm with counter melody notes plucked on the violin – love songs with modern lyrics, but with an old feel. 'Broken' has the lyric "...if I surrender control, I can be free..." 'Sparrow' is a lovely song, with space for the keyboard, bass and violin. This is probably the best presentation of Fae's voice. "Who stole your wings little sparrow, little one. Who keeps you in the trees, far from your dreams?.... for the world is cold and the one you love's far from thee." ...Overall, this is nice music, beautiful violin stuff, rhythm, bass, lyrics and singing. Sea Star is chock full of originality, and it will be fun to see where this goes.”