Sean Pages / Press

“Throughout years of great music, Morale & Sean Pages have had a perfect synergy in making touching contributions in the South African Rap scene.Morale and Page have songs recorded in the 90’s and current ones that reflect their over a decade musical relationship. Besides being cousins the two make an astounding team. They have a free of charge offering called The Archives, this is a compilation of all the greatest songs they have done together from back then till now. If you have been a follower of the two you will notice bits and pieces of The Rising Son, Rising Star, Busy Grindin and other compilation mixtapes. The two take you through their journey in the music business. The mixtape starts with recently released songs and goes backwards in time into tracks that Morale & Sean Pages did years back. Pages did a large amount of the production and Morale has one or two songs that he produced on this. This is a must have for the lovers of Morale and Sean Pages.”