Sean Evan & the Very Handsome Band / Press

“I love your songs. Full of passion, strength and subtlety. - Joe "Survival" Caruso”

“Sean Evan, from The Very Handsome Band. This guy can sing! These guys are beasts, Tracked 13 songs in one day. I guess I should say very handsome beasts! I really dig that quarter note thing Johnny does on Bad News Baby. It must drive the dance floor crazy. This is going to be an awesome CD.”

“Sean's talent lies in knowing when and how to give the crowd their favorites, without losing himself as an artist. You know it when Sean plays, and you just love it." ”

“You won't find a more passionate performer than Sean Evan! His voice is so rich and pure he doesn't even need a microphone. His style of guitar is somewhere between indie and Spanish. It is a very unique sound. Of course he can do covers but opt for his originals. I think "15" should be on the airwaves right now. You won't go wrong with Sean. Because of his boyish good looks he draws the ladies for sure and the ladies draw the men....................... He played many times at my Pub little fish HUGE pond and was always a hit. He even played for a Halfla and they loved it and belly danced all night long!”