Sean Callero / Press

"Performing Live with Journey Overhead Travel Guitar- Now that we're seeing more and more artists actually perform with our Overhead travel guitar, we're expanding our musician sponsorships. Here's a great video of Sean Callero playing Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker."- Journey Instruments , November 2013

"Sean Callero Joins as First Sponsored Musician- We were excited to see so many amazing musicians visit our booth at NAMM 2013 - and one of the greatest surprises was Sean Callero. It's not everyday you meet a teenager who can keep up on stage with legends like Tommy Emmanuel. We think it was more than just dumb luck that he showed up at our booth just when we were planning our demo video recording. You'll be sure to see more videos of Sean performing with the overhead in the Future." Copyright © 2013 Journey Instruments Limited, All rights reserved.

"Wanting to be a part of the action just for grins, this writer hooked up with guitarist Sean Callero, 16, of Thousand Oaks, who has been playing intermediate finger-style guitar for seven years. The teenager was also doing double duty as back-up for sister Bronwyn, 14, who was in the singing preliminary competition on the Railroad Stage. Pulling out my pocket harmonica, I played a few notes as Sean strummed along with his flat pick guitar. Not being judged for my musical contribution (and just as well), it was a real treat to play and hear good, old-fashioned American music being performed in the great outdoors." Gordon Durich, Agoura Hills Patch, About Town. May 2011

“Happenings: Music and art take center stage”

“Therapeutic Music Teens teach kids with disabilities how to play instruments in Thousand Oaks Read more: http://www.vcstar.com/news/2009/apr/28/therapeutic-music-teens-teach-kids-with-how-to/#ixzz1XQOQxncj - vcstar.com”