Scuzbot / Press

“Here’s a perfect set of tunes for the rest of the summer time. This pop punk / alternative rock / punk rock band from Bensalem, PA (Philly area) is continuing their new record crusade by putting it everywhere they can. I am joining the party to spread the word and promote SCUZBOT‘s self-titled album, released in October 2012. Ready for some explosive melodies and dirty ass rock edge riffs? Check these boys out!”


“If you’re looking for a dose of high-energy alt-rock combined with pop-punk, look no further. Scuzbot will sate that craving. The record is full of very electric guitar riffs and easy-to-sing-along melodies reminiscent of late ’90s bands like Lit and REM. This is a pop-punk record in all capacities- from the energy-forward guitar licks, to the slightly distressed lead vocals, to the listenable and explosive melodies. However, if you’re looking for upbeat music to wake you up in the morning, or just a record to rock out to, this is the perfect one.”

“Overall this album is fucking great! It honestly moved me because a lot of these songs I can relate to with the situation i'm going through currently. The instruments as stated, fantastic. Vocals, perfect. Lyrics, love them so much. This topped their EP and my expectations of them after hearing the EP. I'm glad these dudes submitted their music to me. I am looking forward to their future endeavors.”

“Scuzbot are a pop-punk band from Bensalem, PA. When I say pop-punk, I am not referring to the whinny garbage with wanna be mosh parts that is passing for pop-punk these days. Scuzbot could easily have been on Lookout! Records fifteen or so years ago if it were not for the fact that all the members are only twenty years old. The music on Shapes And Trends is melodic and the vocals are a perfect fit to accentuate the mood of the songs. The second song "Send In The Clowns" has a lot of Weezeresqe guitar melodies. The dual vocals in the chorus of "Washed Up" weave in and out of each other in solid harmony.”