Screens / Press

“..but perhaps the most intriguing name on the bill is the new jazz-influenced, mood-pop quartet Screens. The West Seattle group has a pair of songs available to stream on their Ocean Tone page which move from trippy electronic-tinged soft rock ("Netherlandia") to the shady side of bossanova ("Maia"); effectively conjuring both The XX and Astrud Gilberto. I was drawn to Screens initially because the group features dynamic Afrocop bassist Carlos Tulloss on guitar and bass, and when I checked them out, I found that the instrumentation as a whole was on that same elevated plane, and the songwriting was imaginative and sophisticated while retaining a distinct pop aesthetic. Listen to "Netherlandia" and "Maia" here, then hit the Croc tonight to see what other delicious ideas they've been brewing.”

“Screens, "Netherlandia" (out now, self-released, oceantone.com/screens): Intelligently written and layered to perfection, this relaxed future-pop number is melodically pleasing yet delightfully experimental.”

“Screens, "Maia" (out now, self-released, oceantone.com/screens): The second single released by this new, tough-to-categorize West Seattle band eases into a trippy bossa-nova suit but doesn't get carried away in the euphoric possibilities. Instead, it retains a shadowy element (due mainly to Allison Tulloss' deadpan semi-whisper) to preserve an interesting contrast. TH”