Screaming For Silence / Press

“If there is a Rock-n-Roll god, Screaming For Silence will make it very soon.”

“what was going through their minds when “The King Is Crowned” was announced as the Most Outstanding Song by and Unsigned Band!”

“Congrats to PRS artists in Screaming for Silence on the big win!”

"When they broke into their song "No Way Out", the room came alive. As someone who appreciates up-and-coming artists more than most, it was an absolute pleasure to witness."

"So look for Screaming for Silence on the same bill as Linkin Park, Rise Against, Slash, Judas Priest, Papa Roach and more at the 2015 Rock on the Range Festival. The band will also be featured on AXS TV’s Saturday (May 16) broadcast from the festival."

"Omaha's #1 metal band has entered the main stream."

"Song (Helpless) is perfect for getting a crowd cranked up for a fight."