Screaming Culture / Press

"Instrumentally the composition is youthful and melody. The engaging arrangement's of the cascading harmonies are beautiful. Great drive and momentum an the rhythmic performance. The lead vocalist has a raspy vocal tone that is engaging and tuneful. His interest phrasing of the lyrical content keeps the arrangement and performance engaging and appealing. Nice studio quality recording. The story line is easy to hear and the vocalist is performing with passion and sincerity. He is confident and pleasurable to listen to. Nice vocal accents, and orchestral performance."

"Blending the combination of live drums, alternative/rock guitars, ambient layers of keys, drum programming and bass, this song unfolds as the perfect support to his emotive vocals. The production captures the essence of the pain involved in the story being told of anxiety and the dissociative disorder. "

“Starting out with their phenomenal instrumental chillout track, 'Do Not Be Afraid', Screaming Culture hit the ground running on their latest single. This song is just over two minutes of musical excellence, creating an awesome atmosphere that you just don't want to end. Heck, that's the polar-opposite to most instrumental tracks. 'Learn To Survive' replaces the haunting piano of 'Do Not Be Afraid' with a woody acoustic guitar. This song has more vocal samples and well placed rhythmic monologues that add to the excellent guitar hooks. This is really exciting stuff, it is seriously cool music and I can't stop listening. ”

“I'm sitting in a cafe listening to this song on a nice sunny English spring morning through my cans. The track could itself, being very relaxed, form part of the house playlist. Already with 45,000 plays on their myspace page it seems that 'Do not be afraid' is likely to achieve the same success as previous releases including 'Learn to Survive' with over 1 million plays to day and counting. The track is a busy collection of sounds led by a simple but effective piano riff. The perfect chill out track if not groundbreaking in structure. Well worth an itunes purchase for the summer garden parties”