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“Cari: "What advise would you give to a young musician coming up in the business world today?" Clint: "Don't be an asshole!"”

“Clint Howry from Scream At The Sun interview: The often cold climate of Minneapolis, Minnesota plays home to Scream at the Sun. Spend one winter in the Twin Cities and one can almost picture the quintet hurling rage at the burning star in a “why have thou forsaken me” cry to its hot plasma radiance. Perhaps it is the absence of this warmth gives Scream at the Sun it’s often dark, raw and edgy sound. Recently frontman and vocalist Clint Howry stopped by Metalholic Radio to talk about the band and their debut album “Chant of the Misanthropic“. The band coalesced around Howry and guitarist Matt Johnson. The two have been major components of many of other prominent local bands. The seeds that would begin the germination of Scream at the Sun began as writing project for the two: “We had songs we needed to get out of our heads,” shared Howry. “We ended up incorporating the help of a couple of my ex-bandmates from Gracepoint, Sam Van Moer and Stefan Radzilowski, and dru”

“Scream At The Sun pull it off brilliantly with clean precision shots like perpetual cannon balls to the face, while still maintaining the integrity of their sound.”

"Sometimes, when bands say we ‘need’ to get their album I find myself doubting things, but with Scream At The Sun I’m inclined to agree with them – this is an album people need to hear. Powerful guitars throughout combine with hammering drums, resulting in an album which reminds you why you first listened to music, what made you love metal, and where what we hear comes from."

"Scream at The Sun in any case is nowhere near being a blatant copy of anyone. Everything is very well prepared in every line and you just have to unleash all the power in your headphones!"

“The musicianship peppering this production is nothing short of fantastic. Every performance on Chant of the Misanthropic is more-so an instrumental extension of a musician's soul rather than a take or a riff. There is not a trace of note-by-note playing or extensive editing to be found; what you will find though, is aural expressiveness. Clint Howry's vocal throughout the record range from intimate and somber, to raunchy and rabid; Seven string slaughter, silken acoustic and clean tracks, as well as classic crunch exude from Johnson's fingertips; Van Moer and Petersen are the epoxide and polyamine of this production, joining to form an inseparable rhythmic assault that solidifies the bottom end of this production; and Radzilowski maims the listener with memorable melodic leads. ”

Greg Tomao (Owner and Engineer at The Tomato Farm Studio) - NA