Link for tickets

“Scranton has a show at The Hotel Utah in SF on August 10th! Tickets are $8! 21 and over.”

"Guitarist Margaret Scranton has a delightfully snotty tone and she really knows how to dig into a riff until it dances into your brain. Her short solo at 1:40 cuts into the mix with a soaring bend, says its piece, then shuts up. Nothing in excess here--Bravo!

“Her command of her beloved instrument was staggering. We spent the whole set basking in the wonderment of Scranton’s guitar licks. She was obviously having the time of her life, and that energy was as magnetic and engaging as any multi-platinum artist could muster.”

““Evil has no power” she says, “only seduction.” This streamlined, positive point of view is perhaps the greatest looking glass into her music; which is seductive and raw in its emotional charge. Her sound rocks, yet is surprisingly polished.”