Scotty Thurman / Press

"I got cold chills, the first time I heard HERO. Scotty and Aubrey sing this song in such a powerful way, you feel like you are actually IN THE SONG. A powerful song about a powerful subject. Both of them being veterans, I can't think of a better duo to perform this song. It's Patriotic Greatness!"

“Scotty Thurman and The Perfect Trouble Band can take you away on a soulful and heart-wrenching song only to turn around and give you a steady Texas two-step and then turn around and rock you out. These guys have created their own unique and highly addictive country sound, and that is much easier said than done. I live an hour north of Nashville, TN, and you can find country bands in every bar and pretty much everywhere. But they just don’t stand out like these guys do. I love Scotty Thurman and The Perfect Trouble Band for their own unique story and history and for hearing their hearts and souls in every single line of every song. Their strong and consistent skills and harmonies and unique and original lyrics will grab you.”

“Scotty Thurman and The Perfect Trouble Band is one of the freshest sounds I have had the privilege of listening to and playing on radio. Scotty's talent for writing is as natural as it comes, his story telling is impeccable and has the voice as good as any Texan I have heard. The Perfect Trouble Band and their harmonies fit in perfectly, and must be given due credit and respect. A great Texas Band, for these guys are just warming up and must be considered to be great contenders in the future of the Texas Music Scene for years to come. ”

Narelle Bason - Red Dirt Country

“The best band to step on the stage...”

Barry Bancroft - The Remington of Corsicana

“Charlie Robison put on an epic show at Crosswire in Paris Texas sponsored by K95.5 Friday, September 23rd. Opening for Charlie was a band out of Muenster, Texas called Scotty Thurman & The Perfect Trouble Band. This awesome band consists of Scotty Thurman leading the group on vocals/guitar, Matt Beaver on drums, Jason Eldred on bass/vocals, and Shawn Scheller on lead guitar/vocals. This hot young 4 piece had it going with cover songs like “Wear My Ring” by The Bart Crow Band, and “The Ride” by David Allan Coe. One song in particular struck me like no other. The band’s original song called “Good To See You” is a solid gold tune. The song is currently in rotation on many country stations including K95.5! I was very impressed with the band’s friendly attitude and their performance.”

“There are countless groups of four guys who get together and try to make a go of it as a Texas country band. Almost all of them end up doing nothing with it. Frankly, most of them are missing some key ingredients to the recipe of success. After listening to Scotty Thurman, it’s easy to hear that the ingredients are all present. Thurman’s voice is as Texan as they come and he has great command of his expansive range. The harmony vocal work on the album is reminiscent of great bands like Blackhawk and Little Texas. This is a major part of the recipe because they create a sound that sets them apart from other four-guy groups. Shawn Scheller is masterful on lead guitar, using tasteful dynamics to enhance each track rather than trying to be the next ‘more-me-in-the-mix’ hacker. Beaver is a drummer that actually is a valued instrument in the band. Jason Eldred keeps time with the bass like a pro.”

Lucky Boyd - My Texas Music

“As the marketing director and booking agent for a major Texas country music venue, it is refreshing to see a band like Scotty Thurman & The Perfect Trouble Band emerge with such a unique sound, out the myriad of average bands spring up in Texas at the present time. Truly one of the next generation of artist to make a place for themselves in the Texas music scene. We are very excited about their latest album "Good To See You"and it was great to see so many songs on one album with such a refreshing soulful sound, rising from the mountains and valleys of Scotty's life . Scotty Thurman is a natural born song writer and entertainer and always a favorite at our venue. If you miss having him at your venue, you will miss a truly great new and fresh sound in Texas Country Music. I would enthusiastically encourage you to have these guys come and perform at your venue if at all possible. ”

Bob Humphrey, Marketing Director - The Texas Bull

“I've listened to their music, talked with Scotty for an article and was so impressed with his honesty, pure talent and determination. The PTB is a "perfect" match for Scotty and I have been just bowled over by their songwriting lyrics to touch your soul and their delivery of music that is truly Texas Country Music. Scotty is a survivor in so many ways and deserves much success!”

Sherry Jane Cooke - Examiner

“Often we hear a song that'll take you right back to a specific point in time. That's what great music does. Scotty Thurman and the Perfect Trouble Band has hit it squarely on the head with the title track, "Good to See You" off their upcoming release entitled "Good to See You", their sophomore release. ”