Seven Days / Press

“Love 'Lady Blue'~Fiona’s voice sounding so pure and extremely ethereal.There’s something about all the music here, that no matter how many generations removed from your Celtic roots, It has the ability to raise hairs on the back of your neck. Scott Sullivan who not only performed the male vocals and instrumentals, also wrote, produced and arranged this work and should be congratulated on such a fine achievement.”

Paul Dunn - Reverbnation

“Seven Days always delivers superb musical creations. "The River" is no exception. Dark & damp (excuse the pun), my ears were rewarded with the haunting trademark sound of MacMahon & Sullivan. The vocal dexterity, spot on dynamics and overall Artistry, is amazing. They are indeed one of the most dynamic duos I've heard in recent years.”

R. Pickett Bugg - Reverbnation

“Dude, "blue frontier" is magical... your voices are ethereal bliss... where are you from? there's no way you're a native arky, are you? lol... and what kind of alchemy did you work to get fiona to be your partner? dude... you're my freakin' hero... the twists and turns are musical genius... i came here to pan this bitch... hahahahhaha... but... it' so good, i want to kill you... your huuuuuuuuge fan da boi d”

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“You guys are on another level with your overall vibe, melodies, sounds, and vocals!!! Your Last Day is CRAZY!!! Fiona's vocals are so seductive, haunting, and beautiful on this song. Then Scott's vocals come and complement Fiona's with a raw tone. Loving it!”

Jonathan Tambe - Reverbnation

“Hello Fiona & Scott...I'm Rachell. Listening to WHISPER...as I close my eyes...your music transports me to a dark forest blanketed with fallen trees and withering vegetation...I blindly maneuver through a labyrinth of carved out paths...hoping to find a glimmer of light and life...my heart is racing as a mystical sound lures me closer...until I come upon Fiona & Scott surrounded by a lush patch of animated brilliant flowers dancing to the beautifully enchanting sounds of WHISPER. That's how your music makes me feel...love your voices and music...awesome! Plz check out my new music and video, thx...rachell”

Rachell Robbins - Reverbnation

“So special is this mystical place "Trouble Town". It could only be created by an incredible mind but of course Scott Sullivan. He has found the key to our imaginations in the garden of blue roses. He turns the key tightening his rein on our freedom. There is no doubt that once you cross the gates into this land, you will be under his spell "FOREVER MORE". "Rosebud" is frozen in time and can't seem to find her way out of the garden of blue roses. ...=_=... DELICIOUS! ♥”

MaryAnn - Reverbnation

“Seven Days is in total control of the listener's experience. These are self-assured musicians who have perfected an original, unique sound. The Seven Days playlist is a series of eerie, Gothic trance-inducers. Fiona's ethereal vocals are the sound of beauty filling the air.”

Howard Lawrence - ReverbNation

“You are both sickeningly talented!!! :-) Deep and engaging songs all of them.. And those voices... Such harmony.... Have a beautiful 13th and attract the best of luck!”

Mellany Witt - Reverbnation

“Okay, you've absolutely outdone yourselves with "Trouble Town"! I DIG this song, I FEEL this song, I NEED this song!! To say it's brilliant is to damn with faint praise!!!”

Beyond the Cage - ReverbNation

“My inner masochist screams to 'Suffer'! Powerful beginning. . . crazy little mind echos. . . haunting voices . . . this is my kind of pain! For i don't feel one bit! Great job Fiona & Scott!”

Lace from Traces - ReverbNation

“Scott Sullivan and Fiona MacMahon are not only one of the top Artists on RN...they are a musical marriage made in Heaven!. "Suffer" is their latest offering...take it!.”

R. Pickett Bugg - ReverbNation

“Scott Sullivan has his finger on the pulse of the listening public! Listeners love his songs! Artist Listeners want to collaborate w/ him.It's as if he has the magic touch! Everything he creates is appealing, excellent and creates a wave of excitement!This is what is referred to as being "naturally gifted" !”

Rockin' Rick Frost - ReverbNation

"Come Down" is yet another ethereal masterpiece of composition and production! And did I mention Brilliant musicianship? Awesome!!!

Beyond the Cage - ReverbNation

“OMG LOVE those chord progressions!! Fiona's voice is perfectly suited to your style of writing and choice of instrumentation, and the pairing creates something purely magical!! ”

Schroeder's Ghost - ReverbNation

“I love all the moaning going on in the background of all the songs. Really good. I won't tell you what it does to me. LOL, so silly. It's a sexy sound to my ears. LOL..Ok..The End. ...=_=... ”

My MaryAnn - ReverbNation

“'Whisper' - A combination of awesomely dark grungy guitar & Fiona's ethereal vocals create a hauntingly evocative track which compels you to listen again.”

Robyn-Jane - ReverbNation

“To all my friends and fans and anyone that stops by for a listen. You really need to check out Seven Days here on ReverbNation. They are one of the best bands I have listened to in a very long time. Great lyrics, vocals and the band is tight as hell. Love these guys. And you will too if you stop and here them play.”

Kit Mann - ReverbNation

“Absorb the musical myriad of Seven Days. Scott has taken influences we collectively share and created his own genre.”

Dark Measure - ReverbNation

“One day..without Seven Days...is like a year without music. It can't be done..I'm a fan and a Seven Days addict..and proud of it :-)”

Delaney Simpson - ReverbNation

“Damn fine original work and arrangements here. Enjoying every track... And yes, 'Sacrifice' is a better - nice 'n' spooky tune. My absolute favorite though has gotta be 'Fallen Nation'! Many thanks and All the Best - Exile”

Exile Pots - ReverbNation

“Diggin' on your grooves. Those riffs are intoxicating and vocals are entrancing. Your vibe is creative and cool. Keep on cranking.”

TonyZ - ReverbNation

“Listened to every last note of every song tonight..straight through...no interruptions..3 friends listening, too. All they could say was "wow" and "more"...I agree :-)”

Delaney Simpson - ReverbNation

“Seven Days sounds like a meld of Alice In Chains / The Cure / Ozzy... awesome recipe!”

Dark Measure - ReverbNation

"Sacrifice" killer song - vocals create an dreamy journey through dark corridors and are enhanced by the driving guitar style. Awesome.

Rustik Spirit - ReverbNation