Scott Shelby / Press

"He has a great vocal range and it's not like your typical country sound that is out there these days, reminds me of Bob Seger...based on his single Burn alone; nothing but long-term success for years to come with this artist"

Sound Out Crowd Review

"A flavorful, upbeat country sound that hits home for many adults remembering their younger days while teens and twenty-somethings also relate, possibly recognizing themes of their own adventures they've had in the not so distant past...unmistakably country"

Sound Out Crowd Review

“Song and Soul – Scott Shelby LIVE Scott Shelby owns the room at The Lobby in Creston. He sits on a stool in the corner, the young Texan, his baseball cap pulled low over his brow, the shy smile peaking out from below the brim. In a button-down and jeans and the simple boots of a cattleman, he perches with his guitar – at ease with himself and his music. He starts slow and easy. The fingers glide expertly over the strings. The picking is smooth, accurate, playful, and emotional. The voice has just the right twang. The notes roll and turn like gulf waves spreading over the dry, dusty plain. The crowd is a hodge-podge. Locals out for a Friday night on the town. Golfers finishing their day. The Lobby regulars. Live music faithfuls. With an active arts scene, and a country music radio station, Creston is ripe territory for Shelby. He released his album “Young and Invincible” on Creston’s KSIB Radio in December, hooking country music fans from around southwest Iowa.”