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“Creative musicians, in essence, work the seam between anything-is-possible openness and structural specificity, marrying these strange bedfellows time and again. …Guitarist Scott Sawyer’s Dreamers is a sonic manifestation of the aforementioned line of thinking. Sawyer balances head and heart, displaying a deep, in-the-moment emotional connection to his work while remaining ever-watchful of the big picture. – Dan Bilawsky (All About Jazz; Feb 2014)”

“With a warm and inviting sound, guitarist Scott Sawyer offers an intriguing and engaging collection of songs in Dreamers…Sawyer’s style of playing is complex yet tastefully restrained and nuanced…By doing so, he allows the song itself to shine as an artistic work, rather than using the song merely as a vehicle to display his prowess on the guitar. – Jeffrey Uhrich (All About Jazz; Feb 2014)”

“(Dreamers) But labeling Dreamers as just jazz is like appreciating only one color from the palette of a master painter. The deep blues shade every note Sawyer plays. He bends the strings, hesitates, surges and slurs, dipping the music into the dirty water of some mythical Delta.. ..(Kate) McGarry reprises Nick Drake’s melancholy masterpiece, “River Man,” with a wispy, vibrato-less reading that starts slowly, but culminates in an emotionally charged conversation with Sawyer as the sounds of two savvy improvisers embrace and intertwine. - Joe Vanderford (2013)”

Joe Vanderford - Scott Sawyer - Dreamers (liner notes)

“An eclectic collection -- At last ... an album that captures the eclecticism of Triangle jazz guitarist Scott Sawyer. ...Throughout this album, you’ll find that Sawyer is a superb self-editor and an inspiring leader. He knows what he wants to say ensemble-wise and solo-wise. There is no indecision, and the performances benefit immensely from his precision and concision.”

"Joining as special guests on this musical celebration are some of my most treasured musical friends...Scott Sawyer is an amazing world-class guitarist who has toured with the band and been a musical collaborator since the 80's..."---Nnenna Freelon

Nnenna Freelon "Homefree" (Concord Jazz); 2010 album liner notes

"The ABB will continue what’s being called the “40 Years of Highs and Lows” tour, all part of a 60 date US tour. While in NY, I got to do a gig with Go There, who I recorded with in 2006. Scott Sawyer and Kenny Soule are two of my favorite musicians to play with." - Oteil Burbridge

“Welcome to Scott Sawyer, the funk, rock, blues--and jazz-- player...With a preponderance of Sawyer tunes, (GO THERE) is all groove underneath...If you're looking for a pure, hard-line jazz album, this is not it. But if you think it represents a compromise, think again. It's its own species.”

“I remember hearing years ago about "...this guy Scott Sawyer...He's the one guy around here who has a totally cool vibe while being one of the best guitar players in the region." The guy who said that was Brian Dennis and he was right. - John Custer (Producer, Dag, Cry Of Love, COC) ”

“I did do one CD with this great guitarist named Scott Sawyer. Its called “Go There”. My brother Kofi played on it and a great drummer named Kenny Soule. These guys are really amazing." - Oteil Burbridge”

“We just completed a project called Go There. Just ridiculous, man...They have a guitarist, Scott Sawyer and a drummer Kenny Soule...We went into the studio and did this and I felt like we had been playing together for thirty years. It was just amazing how natural it was. - Oteil Burbridge”

“Guitarist Scott Sawyer is the kind of musician who displays his musical diversity like a badge of honor. The North Carolinian, who is probably best known for his work with vocalist Nnenna Freelon, showcases his electrified playing and composing on Go There...”

“Scott Sawyer is one of North Carolina’s guitar masters... To this listener, Go There sounds like a righteous amalgam of jazz, funk, rock and blues performed by a crew of very solid players. For immediate inspiration, check the brilliant, funkified arrangement of George Harrison’s “Tax Man.””

“...it’s in the delivery where artists are defined. Holding back behind the beat just enough to capture the right emotion, Sawyer demonstrates a real feel for statement and anti-statement.”