Scott R King / Press

“Scott King’s vocal stylings are very much his own, but there are elements of Neil Young and Stephen Stills that shine through from time to time, while his guitar work is articulate, compelling, and sparkling.”

Lucky Clark - The Kennebec Journal

“Plenty of hooks teamed with good vocals. (Scott King) really knows how to write those passages that stick in your head.”

Soundcheck Magazine

“(Scott King has) one of those memorable voices that make his songs come to life, along with a clever command of lyrical imagery and stout, well-performed arrangements.”

Metronome Magazine

“I don’t go out on a limb very often, but I’m right out there for Scott King. Definitely catch his show. Scott has it all: strong stage presence, compelling original material, great voice, and excellent guitar chops. He simply can’t miss.”

Bob Emery, Founding Member and Guitarist for Northern Lights - None

“Make no mistake about it. If 'Go, María!' could get the necessary promotion and distribution, it would be - or at least SHOULD be - all over AC radio and probably Triple-A radio, too, coast to coast.”

New England Music Scrapbook

“A tremendous guitarist: clear, tender, and fresh.”

Nerissa Nields of The Nields - None

“Scott King is a fine songwriter, singer, guitar player. He is terrific live, is charming with Nordic good looks…naturally, I hate him."”

Pierce Pettis, writer of Garth Brooks's hit song, "You Move Me." - None

“His music is perfect for the bright Maine summer. Sometimes moody, occasionally unpredictable…but always friendly and honest…instantly accessible…Lush instrumentation. Every song feels comfortable, as if King breathes air in and music out."”

Northeast In Tune Magazine