Scott Burgess & the Gringo Kings / Press

“Winner: May 2017 Best Country Album Scott Burgess And The Gringo Kings have extraordinary vocals - matched in pitch perfection only by their exceptional instrumental arrangements - and this small treasury of country jams is so lively with invention it's destined for wide recognition”

“Scott was such a professional and a great performer/musician and person. It was a pleasure to have him and Brian on our show”

““When you hear the Scott Burgess, you hear true Texas country. The band has a Chris LeDoux type sound with a red Dirt Mix. And if you haven't hung out with the guys, your missing out because they are true good Ol' Boys!” ,”

Adam - Rockabilly's, Fort Smith, Ark

““Not just 'Another Texas Country Band. I have attended several of their shows over the past two years and also booked them for three of my own shows. These guys have a sound all their own. Always a crowd pleaser. But more than that, just a great bunch of guys to hang out with. I consider myself not just a fan, but also close friend of the Scott Burgess & the Gringo Kings.””

Jeff Patterson, - River City Concerts

““Scott Burgess & the Gringo Kings is without a doubt, one of the hardest working bands on the road today. These guys will ROCK you out, but still have that “WOW” factor when it comes to their ability to pack the dance floor with a slow buckle rubbing ballad. The first time I met them, I knew they were the REAL DEAL. I'll drop what I'm doing, to go see them, if they are playing around me. Radio folks, you owe it to your listeners, to turn the Scott Burgess & the Gringo Kings loose on the airwaves.””

Jim Nash Program Director/Morning Show Host - KRVF 106.9 The Ranch

“So my friends if you want to hear some great music, relive some tension and stress there's no excuse if you live in Cowtown. Just look up one of those places I listed, or look up some great artist and go listen to them. I personally always enjoy me some Scott Copeland, Phil Wallace, Randy Brown, Scott Burgess, Steve Helms, Brad Hines, Stoney Larue, Jerry Audley, Austin Allsup, Phil Hamilton, Amos Moses, Clint Moody, Six Market Blvd, Darrell Dodd, Guthrie Kennard, or My Typical Tragedy. I truly miss seeing Cross Canadian Ragweed play live. I can go on forever, just get to a live event and tell 'em Trey Chapman sent you. - See more at: http://www.fwtx.com/blogs/earnyourhat/cowtown-live#sthash.YjTzh1c8.B5te0FWs.dpuf”

“I like this band. They're following their own lead. Not scared to perform songs that have meaning. I'd pay the cover.”

Jamie Richards - Jamie Richards

“We have had the pleasure of playing with the Scott Burgess several times. They have a great Texas roadhouse sound, they're professional, they work hard, but the best thing is, they're a great bunch of guys that you enjoy hanging around”

Deryl Dodd - Deryl Dodd