Scott Low / Press

“If you like good homegrown Americana music that’s upbeat at times, mellow occasionally, and perfect for drinking and thinking, check out Scott Low.”

“Scott Low’s no-nonsense country fits quite nicely in the current camp of alt-country/”true” country artists. His vocals are very reminiscent of Ryan Bingham, with maybe a touch of Jamey Johnson thrown in for good measure.”

“It’s now household names like Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson and Chris Stapleton. Up-and-coming names like Nikki Lane, Joe Fletcher, J.P. Harris, Aaron Lee Tasjan, John Moreland and Caleb Caudle to name a few. It’s also the likes of Scott Low. Based out of Clayton, Georgia by way of Athens, Low is steadily carving out his own path along the unforgiving road that is being an independent musician, one bearing the fruits of his labor as a guy simply pursuing the destiny of his heroes.”

“Eschewing any flash and flair Low’s songs are stripped to the bare bones telling stories about the darker side of life. With “Keep On Getting Lost” Low’s acoustic guitar and haunting vocals paint a melancholic picture of doubt about the future. The brooding “In the Hay” Low weaves a tale of death and desertion. Bare music and distorted vocals create a sense of doom and gloom in this short yet powerful song. The track “Let the Light Fade” is the gem of Stole & Spent. Ending the way it begins with just Low and his guitar delivering a tune about learning from past mistakes. The five songs from this EP are soulful stories cultivated in Scott Low’s mind. Sadness, death and despair drip from each word as Low purposely meanders through the murky tales. The sparse arrangements work in unison with Low’s deep Southern drawl to reinforce the sadness of each song. Stole & Spent is the tasty appetizer that will have listeners salivating for Low’s upcoming album.”

“A man on a mission, Scott pounds the pavements from New York to California, constantly delivering a unique combination of earthy music. His Turn Your Radio Off campaign wrangles us back to the roots music our inner spirit longs for. Choosing to cover the songs of friends instead of the songs of popular radio that fights against truly gifted artists, Scott maintains authenticity while encouraging fellow artists to do the same. Start your New Year off right with a healthy introduction to the music of Scott Low.”

“With the ability to construct a melodic garden as beautiful as the revered Little Martha, Scott's latest folkish fingerpicking album Stole & Spent is a 5 track tantalizing slice of heartland music. Released exactly one month ago today, S&S's trailing track 'Let The Light Fade' surmises the balance of quality songwriting, transparent vocals, and skillful string plucking. Nearly a genre of music all unto itself that would be better deemed as "Authenticana".”

“A songwriter/storyteller at the top of his game, on his first solo album Scott Low presents us an album of intense storytelling and well-crafted songs, barebones but intrinsically woven around beautiful melody’s, the guitar spills forth with an emotion of its own carrying the listener to one’s own inner reflections. At times Scott channels Neil Young at his height, on the songs Cactusgrass, Meet Me Above, Crumble and In Sickness I Am Health to great effect and I don’t think that’s hyperbole.”

“Rough guitars, great lead vocals and AMAZING female harmony vocals, this is so similar to early Lucero albums in sound that I had to check to make sure it wasn’t. It isn’t, though, because frontman Scott Low writes songs that are far stronger in the pure country tradition than Ben Nichols has ever gone in for, so Efren marries that rough cowpunk sound of Lucero to the purer songwriting of Nashville history. (Also, he’s super adorable.) If you’re itching for new music that sounds (RIYL) Lucero or Ryan Bingham, this is the album for you”

“Scott Low has a deep southern twang and a unique, raspy voice that drops to a gruff almost-whisper”

“Efren’s latest release, Write a New Song. Propelled by the fantastic songwriting of Scott Low, Efren have created a record that can feasibly be held up alongside one of Drive-By Trucker’s or Lucero’s high points.”

"Low's voice reminds me of the loud, breathy whisper of Iron & Wine's Sam Beam, but with more attack and a remarkably thick Southern drawl. Low's whiskey voice sounds authentic, and the standard country subject matter comes out as something personal and unique."

"As the main man in Athens, Ga.-based Americana band Efren, Low currently stands out as one of the Peach State's potentially great up-and-coming songwriters."

“The intimate environment of Flicker Theatre served as the perfect stage for members of Efren and A Postwar Drama to play stripped down versions of their well orchestrated songs and few solo originals. Scott Low, the solo project of Efren front man Scott Leon-O’Day, took the first slot equipped with an acoustic-electric guitar, a few pedals and a Miller High Life. Leon-O’Day finger-picked slowly through his first few whiskey-soaked folk songs with a low and raspy vocal style. Between most songs, he told cool and witty one-liners, which he explained were rare because he usually was not that “chatty.” It was entertaining regardless. The second half of the performance was much more lively and full of foot stomping beats and rapid progressions. Leon-O’Day sang with more twang in later songs and made great use of the delay pedals which displayed a bit of experimentation before he closed out with a country song about, again, whiskey.”