Scott Fernandez / Press

"4 Strings Are Not Enough"

“2.Musical influences? "I am fortunate enough to have a wide variety of influences. Things like Quruli, Yelle, MC Frontalot, Deftones, YMCK, Erykah Badu, George Watsky, and Pe’z are just a small sample of the diversity of the influences."”

"So beyond my fascination with his ability to play such a monster instrument, I was entranced by the music he creates. Scott manages to capture your emotions and invest you in the chords."

"Extended range bass artist Scott Fernandez is pushing musical boundaries. Equally comfortable on a 4-string as well as his 12-string, Fernandez incorporates his extended techniques to create lush harmonies, intense counterpoint, and intriguing melodies. His arsenal of effects pedals also help to create thick soundscapes while adding depth to his compositions." -Kevin Johnson/No Treble

“BPU: Can you tell us about your musical inspiration? SF: I listen to a lot of music and my inspirations are reflective of that. Things like Quruli, Yelle, MC Frontalot, YMCK, Erykah Badu, George Watsky, Deftones, Pe’z. That is always an incredibly difficult thing to answer. It’s like asking you to catch air with a butterfly net. There’s WAY too much amazing music to listen to for me to be able to pull it into one group, genre, or ideal.”

"Scott is the real deal and there are few bass players that can hold his case, let alone produce work at the caliber he does. Check him out. Become friends on FB or Soundcloud or Youtube or all of them. He's amazing and he will fill you with pride to be a human with the vibratory capacity to full appreciate his realness."

"Scott Fernandez: Falcon Punch - ho do you avoid getting lost on a neck this size!?!"

"What would your “dream” life consist of?" "I will play to eat. I have no interest in getting famous or moving to Hollywood or winning a Grammy or dating models; I just want to make enough money to eat as much food as I want or need. Simple."

"Here's the deal. What you're listening to is a bass. That is right.There are only 4 strings that he used to do this. I am now in utter awe of his talent. I don't know many musicians that can do the things that Scott does with his bass. This song to me is very appealing right now because it's very frenetic. The layering he's done and the overlapping of the 2 almost separate tracks gives this piece a very schizophrenic feeling. It's moody and a little bit manic in places. The song has a point of view and it makes damn sure you know about it. It's a bit all over the place but it takes talent to do that and mean for it to happen. I don't want to attempt to sound all educated about technique and style but I know that this man has skill to do what he does. It's got a car chase feeling to it, like from a Guy Richie film. It's action oriented and even has a Spanish influence like our hero has been driving across Europe and now things are winding down in the streets of London."