Scott E. Berendt / Press

"Sings, drums, acts, writes and produces his own CDs, and is one of the most sought out performers and drummers in the Midwest," - "Berendt hasn't lost his touch on "Don't Look Back", his third CD and his first after the disbanding of his last band, "The US Project". ..."The singer/songwriter/drummer continues to craft solid world pop rock with a level of skill that has become sadly rare in our cut and paste, digitalized era…He's the master of many genres; his musicianship and songwriting stands on the solid ground of hands-on skill".... David Luhrssen, Shepherd Express.

David Luhrssen - Shepherd Express

" The music is written with Stings Grooves, Seals, vocals & Lenny Kravitz guitar, Dave Matthews edge, and OH a little sprinkle of Peter Gabriels drums," Welcome to the New World Music of Scott Berendt." .....Nick Carter, Milwaukee, Journal/Sentinel...

Nick carter - Milwaukee Journal/Setinal

“Drum Roll Please……………… Enter and take a bow. Congratulations to all! You are now among the honored innovators and artisans on display at The Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC. Thanks to everyone’s combined efforts and talents, Sticks ‘n’ Skins takes its proud place on display in The Folklife Center at the Smithsonian..........”

“From Scott e. B. To The US PROJECT fans and new friends...Awesome news.. This new short commercial for a good friend, art director, graphic designer and owner of an amazing clothing line used my flute intro from my song, "GAMBLIN MAN" from The Us Project album, "Hoping For The Sun" Edited & produce by bassist, Damian Valentine. I will be recording again w/ Damian in LA very soon. Hope you like! Thanks Steve!!! Original version below, features Tommy Greywolf on Violin, the flute section of the Milwaukee Symphony & many other singers & performers from the Milwaukee music Scene”