Scott Baker / Press

"Baker, as a musician himself, has a great ear for performers," Jamie-Sue Seal said. "And that translates to good music. He doesn’t just follow the crowd and go for the ‘IT’ thing of the moment,” she added. “People respect and trust him.”

“Scott Baker is one of those guys that doesn’t take no for an answer. He’s been a musical Sisyphus for years, rock and rolling that boulder to the top of the mountain, only to see it roll down the other side. He’s been as stubborn as he is generous. He will doggedly create music for himself daring the listener to like it or hate it but really only hoping they listen to it. He has forged an identity as a multi-purpose jam rockin’ sonovabitch who believes in peace and love and the honor of hard work. At heart he’s working class minstrel immersed in a labor of love, building his career brick by brick and never imagining the mansion on a hill. He knows it’s just an illusion but he simply cannot help himself. Baker is in it for the long run because he is the music he creates. He built it and he will be it.”

“Interacting as a well-tuned musical group, Scott Baker and the Universal Expressions gears up to release its new CD, Details and Desire. Baker took a few minutes to talk about the group's creative journey, enthusiasm, and, of course, the new CD and release parties in Bay City at Bemo's and Brewtopia Coffee on March 18th and 19th.”

“Scott Baker has plenty of reason to celebrate the release of his band's new album, "Details & Desire." "Finally" is the way he put it, announcing this weekend's pair of CD release parties in Bay City. At Bemo's, a home-base of sorts for Scott Baker and the Universal Expressions,”