Scoti*Slate / Press

"Great job last night. Saying you rocked the stage is an understatement. Keep up the great work and your Cd was playing in the car most of the day! Thanks, hope to see you in Vedere Magazine soon."

““ Derek Upton at Invengo Records asked me to check you guys out. I'm glad he did...me likey! Val - Altrevolt.com ””

"I didn’t know what to expect from Scot*Slate when I was first put onto them, and the samples on their FB page give some but not a lot away about their music. What you’ve got here though is a band who can craft tracks which engage you and make you want to hear more whilst making sure that their sound is unique and fresh. There isn’t a single track here which sounds the same as the one before, and that’s testament to their ability to create stand alone tracks which constantly keep you listening and wondering what’s going to come next, whilst still making sure they’ve stamped their mark on things. I’m really interested to hear what comes next from Scoti*Slate as based on this, they could well be on tracks to the big time from here in."

“SCOTI*SLATE is a sleek & dynamic, funk rocking, power duo focused on songwriting and musicianship. a uniquely, familiar sound that is undeniably sexy and refreshingly organic.”