“To put it simply, this band sweeps you up into the skies and sends you soaring in the midst of a torrential thunder storm. Adventum is violent, beautiful, epic, and worth your time.”

"Scorned Deity is truly a hidden gem in the Detroit music scene, especially if you like metal. Because this band can best be described as fucking metal. This band has been around for years now, stemming from guitarist and musical master mind, Eric Kempa."

"Scorned Deity builds on past monarchies and their legacies, empires collapsed and imperfections of humanity. For this, the Americans decided to make a death / black slick and melodic epic symphonic elements embedded in quality. Not purely orchestral arrangements, it is however large sheets enveloping and omnipresent."

"Probably no surprise to when I say that the Scorned Deity was again a first plate band We respect (I counted up slowly really only in the last 2-3 months, like many nascent band was busy), they Actually the United States natives, and although not too much info available about them (not even the date of their establishment, or almost published), so much do I know that five-man of the company, a new single, The Monarchy Memoirs are all fresh dated."

“This album has everything I look for in metal – thrashy parts to bang your head to, technicality, well-written lyrics, innovative song structures, and just flat-out crunch. Scorned Deity is some of the best symphonic/melodic death metal you will ever hear…and unfortunately the best song on the album “Incremental Resentment” isn’t on Youtube. Oh well, go grab it fools!”

“As said, the rich and omnipresent symphonic elements play a major role on this album and they’re solely responsible for the thick layer of epic. In conjunction with riffs that are melodic as if by In Flames itself, there’s this highly dynamic, highly exciting, highly enjoyable vibe going on. In tracks such as Self Immolation and A Magician of the Build, they’re joined by tightly and technically played guitar solos that wouldn’t look bad on a Nightrage album. Lip-lickingly good they are! Then, the use of dual vocals in combination with the type of riffs and melodies played also remind me of Universum, one of the bigger surprises coming out in 2010. It really is as if Scorned Deity have spent their full lives listening to all the top-quality bands in Melodeath, new and old; In Flames, Soilwork, Universum, Nightrage, Kalmah, Omnium Gatherum, all of their influences can be heard, but SD have masterfully synthesized it into something quite their own.”

“This band is great. As soon as I heard the intro riff to “Polluted Minds” I got excited. These guys are fucking METAL. It’s very rare for me to get excited about a local band these days, and Scorned Deity is the rare fucking exception. Brian Sheehan is a monstrous vocalist. He carries some serious fucking pipes. Scorned Deity is definitely a band all their own. Get stoked.”