Science! / Press

“I'm just going to come out and say it. I have a crush on Science! I really do. There is something super endearing about two dudes playing guitars in such depths that it can elicit emotion - sincerity, reflection, angst, and especially happiness.”

Nikki McCoy - The Weekly Volcano

“High Times Unsigned Band of The Month”

High Times Magazine

“The guitar-led vein of the tracks through multiple genres, illustrates the scope of musicality available to the pair while the lyrical matter shows an awareness of the current human condition.”

Christopher West - Skope Magazine

“I got there as Science!’s Justin Stang and Jim Elenteny rocked and sang and just played the crap out of a couple of acoustic guitars. These guys are good…”

Tucker Petertil - Olympia Power and Light

“Great guitar work showcases what Science! is all about… The musical relationship that these guys have together really reminds me of the bond that Garcia and Grisman had musically.”

Greg Tincher - Soniclectic Podcast