Science / Press

“Science kills it. Very nice to see the NJ scene still thriving.”

“Working with Science was a unique pleasure. They're truly an eclectic mix of rock, funk, dance, and quirkiness that comes to perfectly cohesive without feeling trite. During the sessions I really got a feel that these guys are not only serious musicians, but more focused on good songwriting and overall having fun with what they love.”

“Science is GREAT energy and GREAT music. The PERFECT formula.”

"Science made the most of their short set, quickly justifying their band name by showing a tendency to experiment. Each of their four songs toyed around with a different style, from four-to-the-floor indie rock to chugging post-hardcore, all done convincingly. Tying it together were their blippy keyboards, pining vocals, and a steady backdrop of churning guitar. It was brief, but this was a promising performance from a band that only seems to be scratching at its musical identity. I'll be staying tuned to see what they do next."