Schwervon! / Press

“If they played rock music in Buddhist temples atop mountains, they would play Schwervon.”

"If you ever wondered what Sonny & Cher would have sounded like if they'd been backed by Pixies here's your chance."


“It can be loud and cute and mouth-along-able....the Schwervon! kids sing about the real, the here and the now - laundry, depression, rent and repression"”

Philadelphia City Paper

"...loud fuzzy guitar, and both male and female lead vocals. Schwervon! tunes remind us a great deal of many of the odd, obscure underground pop bands that were treading around the United States in the early- to mid-1990s."


"The general rule of rock duos states that for a group to really explode,one member needs to be a brutal enough talent to igniteboth halves (White Stripes,etc.), but Turner and Roth seem to be enjoying themselves enough for three, and that is just fine, too."

AM New York