Schooltree / Press

“It takes a certain kind of courage to get onstage and make people laugh. It also takes courage to lead a rock band playing your own autobiographical, if cryptic, songs. For Lainey Schooltree, it has been a long trip transitioning from one to the other.”

“Lainey is the prog rock queen of modern times, with her Broadway musical vocals and theatrical cabaret presentation.”

“The entire album is like that, show-offy in the best way. Time travel can be dangerous, but you know you’re in good hands with SchoolTree from the six-minute opener of “Six Feet Up,” which keeps ripping aside curtain after musical curtain to show better and better stuff behind it, from a rising piano to an explosion of sound from the full band to SchoolTree’s full, fluid vocals to the kind of changes in chord and tempo you’ll remember from the era’s most monumental albums – Genesis’ 1974 “Lamb Lies Down on Broadway,” for instance.”

"Schooltree is a beautifully unique and experimental artist. Possessing a world of talent as vocalist, pianist, and composer, she is unafraid to let her creativity and imagination unfold and take her in whichever direction she feels like going."

"To describe the sound of SchoolTree you’d be close if you combined the techno pop sounds of Buggles, the wonderful voice, theatrical and intimate talents of Kate Bush, the cool hooks of early Ambrosia (when they were still progressive) , the hauntingly in depth atmosphere of Happy Rhodes, the spiffy harmony and pop ditties of Shakespeare’s Sister, and the soulful master of play on words, solid core song writing skills of Jane Siberry. Got that?"

"Pop diva has head-on collision with a ’70s prog rock band and a Broadway musical. Rather peculiar but quite lovely baby is born."

"SchoolTree (the woman) is a painstaking crafter of sound, if not an outright artisan of sound."

“...'Everyman' is an exceptional, extraordinary track in almost every sense of the word.”

"The vocals are a more dramatic example of the style established by the piano’s introduction – able to change just about anything on a measure-by-measure basis. These little changes in altitude can occur without any hint or prelude, requiring only a whim on the part of the performer. And the skill to pull them off, which Lainey seems to have in buckets."

"SchoolTree... will command your ears with her melting pot of sounds. After checking out a few of her songs, my heart was racing with pure joy. It’s as if Imogen Heap, Tori Amos, and even Danny Elfman himself had made an appearance throughout Schooltree’s music."

“Lainey SchoolTree, who produced and engineered [Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys] new Steam Ship Killers album, did a few-song set of her own, and wow, was she wonderful. The sole notes I took this evening before my brain was sent packing reads “out of the way, Liza Minnelli.” As half of the comedy duo The Steamy Bohemians, she’s also a lover of “cheesy musical theater,” and with a voice that’s perfectly well-suited for it and quite accomplished, she pulls it off with aplomb and managed to transport the rapt audience, with just a few songs, to a Broadway stage.”