Schallkrieg / Press

“All in all I'm a huge fan of all types of progressive metal and metal in general, and I still and always will consider it an honor to have played shows with a band of your guys level. Also you guys are 100% in my top 5 favorite progressive band. I take my top 5s very fucking seriously to. I literaly have a list of my favorite genres and my top five fav bands in those genres. So believe me when I tell you that I am forsure a fan for life and a very avvid fan at that. When I get into musical conversations with people yours guys names and band name are constantly brought up. And its always me braggin about how good you psychos are and how awesome it was playin with you guys. But sometimes I forget I can actualy message you and talk to you. you guys just feel bigger than you may appear to be. But I know intime a lot more ppl will find out about you guys. I know that for a fact.”

Alex Irish

“Still the best progressive band this city has seen in a long time. Maybe some day we can all play to crowds of people that can comprehend what music with thought put into it is. And how often does anyone get to hear a frontman that can actualy sing. Not scream I mean sing like a mutherfuckin opera master. Anyone can "scream" these days. But you and your band still never stop blowing my mind. Not ever. On top of that shit your a kick ass keyboardist and pianist. I play piano myself and I've always been intregued by the set up and blend of your guys guitars, keyboards and song structures. Espeicaly in songs like duck tales.”

Alex Irish

“My buddy that was at the Born of Osiris show told me to look you guys up. He said you were one of the few bands from the Cincinnati area that are actually writing music that isn't mediocre and littered with breakdowns and shit. I must say, he was right. You guys are awesome. Keep up the great work, dudes.”

- Shawn Stephens - Fan

“War on sonic mediocrity indeed. What's awesome about your music is it actually takes you somewhere. It's not just 3 verses of self riteous bullshit and apathetic riffing. You have a singer that can sing, guitarists that can rip, a badass bassist that might as well be a guitarist the way he rips those arpeggios, and it's not being carried by a drummer that needs to be carried. The drummer is also independently a good musician. It's about damn time we get a band that isn't just ok musicians that manange to achieve something good with the sum of it's parts, its people that kick ass, together. Well done sirs.”

Junior Crime Fighters - Fan

"I loved it. It's got balls, and the guitar work kicks bro, seriously. I know you guys will do well, just keep pushing it man.... "

Rob Burton - Fan

“Fantastically technical and talented band.”

Angela Couch - Fan

“Schallkrieg proudly rocks out with the following brands: Shure, M-Audio, Apple, Monster, Mesa, Peavey, Schecter, ESP, Godin, Warwick, Pearl, Paiste, Zildjian, Sabian, Vicfirth, DW, Marhsall, and Randall. ”

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