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“Under a Blackened Sky is the latest release from Knoxville,TN based Metal Band Scent of Remains. This is a follow-up to their EP that was released last year that featured 3 songs which are also included on this album(Snake in the grass, Parasite, BTK). The band features 5 very unique members who all hail from different areas of the Country. It begins with an upbeat climactic intro, straight into “The forfeit. The moment that you hear Michael Yates signature scream, you know you are in for one hell of a ride. I found myself feeling an instant adrenaline rush. Throughout the album I found different musical influences. Musical stylings that vary from tracks like “Unholy” which reminded me of the trademark Metallica sound back in the And Justice for all Days, to “Wakefield” which is an acoustic track that really shows off the vocal skill and quality that Michael Yates possesses. Unholy I would describe as Metallica meets Cradle of Filth. With one of the most epic breakdowns...R”

“Scent Of Remains are here to bring the ripped off face of metal to your doorstep. Wow! If you are a fan of Devildriver, Wayne Static, Dope, Watain, and more metal acts with ferocious riffs and terrorizing hooks, this band will knock your seat out from under your ass! "The Forfeit", is a straight rocker, brutal, deep, and a screamer that definitely eats at the core of aggression. If this song doesn't get your attention, I am not sure what song would wake your ass up!! The songs, "Hold You Under", my favorite track off the record, is brutal, in your face, and smacks the fuck out of you. Basically, if you weren't wanting to jam, rock, or jump around, then this song has pretty much already made you do that by now, ha! For some melody, hit up the track "From Ash We Rise", it still has the brutality, but very reminiscent if an All That Remains track, the song kicks it hardcore, and has infectious and melodic hooks!! Definitely came close to my fave off the record!! Read More ...”

“Artist: Scent of Remains Album: Under a Blackened Sky Rating: 10/10 This next band is a little bit different from bands I normally cover, but that doesn’t make them any less impressive. They are metal to the bone! I’m not speaking of open notes and breakdowns, as metal seems to have been watered down to these days, either. The band I speak of is Knoxville’s Scent of Remains. I’ve seen a few people, including my good friend Travis Sells from Annie Sails Sorrow, lichen this band’s sound to Hatebreed. They’ve definitely got that heavy, destroy everything, type of vibe to them without a doubt. However, that’s not all that makes this band. Vocalist Michael Yates has death growls that will make the bones shiver and a high scream that is reminiscent of The Black Dahlia Murder. Their new album, “Under a Blackened Sky” is filled with the type of crushing tracks that only this genre can deliver, but it also has a more subtle side to it as well. The album as a whole encourages”

“Scent of Remains has just released their second powerhouse album and it is EPIC!! From the moment I hit the play button, my entire body became riddled with goose bumps. This album rips and is so perfectly balanced with clean vocals, screams, and growls that all perfectly harmonize with precision guitar and drum riffs. The guitar solos and change ups are absolute and will melt the face of anyone who dares to listen! Scent of Remains has most definitely grabbed our attention and we look forward to watching this band continue to grow!”

“In the past 15 years, I have had many opportunities to work with bands on record labels such as Nuclear Blast, Century Media, Metal Blade, etc. Rarely do I have the chance to meet and work with a band that is unsigned, with the experience, initiative, and composition skills of a band on an international record label, such as Scent Of Remains (SOR). Off the stage, SOR is a group of well-organized mature individuals, who have clear direction, with a firm yet flexible approach. On the stage, the members of SOR come alive. Their showmanship and musicianship are exhilarating, and their sound is refined. SOR’s alluring compositions energize the fans that have supported the band since 2009. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Scent Of Remains. I strongly believe SOR fulfills the requirements of a large scale record label, and I look forward to seeing the band continue to grow internationally. Yanic Bercier, Ph.D. www.yanicbercier.com www.wavetransform.com”

“From the moment you see a live performance of BTK, you will be hooked on the aggressive brutality that is Scent of Remains. Comprised of a powerful vocalist, complemented by a world-class lead guitarist and backed by three extremely talented musicians, this destructive groove metal band has set their standards high with positive results, as they are rapidly gaining a nationwide fan base. They are currently unleashing a cataclysmic whirlwind of tumultuous, skull-splitting brutality across the nation at various packed-out venues. This torrential outpouring of blistering riffage, sick guitar solos and sensational screams from the depths of hell is Scent of Remains.”

James Baysinger - Metalholic Magazine

“Scent of Remains plays with their hearts and it shows. They have carved themselves a niche in the music scene that is work taking note of. These boys ride the delicate line of being heavy enough for even the most harsh metal head, but accessible enough that casual listeners will start bobbing their head to the infectious grooves. Definitely a band to keep your eyes on!”

Chris Casteel/Booking - Carleo Entertainment

“From somber to aggressive to melodic Scent Of Remains convey the inner turmoil many people would rather forget they're experiencing baring their souls in a brutally frank manner.”

“Scent of Remains started their set around midnight. The venue started to pack in well, you could tell they draw a good crowd and everyone was still buzzing over the centric show. The way that Luc and Herb harmonize with their guitars was the first thing I noticed when they started playing. This whole band is full of professionals and you can tell they take their music very seriously. Michael Yates has some of the most brutal vocals I have heard in a while. His range of vocals is very versatile and I was impressed. While watching him perform I couldn't help but find myself being reminded of Randy Blythe(Lamb of God), Phillip Labonte (All that Remains) and Joey Nelson(Beneath the Sky). Herb Himes is a craftsman and true artist on the guitar, these days it seems that the guitar solo is a lost art form. Herb hits all the right notes and when he plays you can tell that he feels every note running through him. Throughout the show I didn't hear one bad note on his guitar.... ”

“I just finished the vocal tracking, mixing, and mastering for the new Scent of Remains EP, "Parasite." Get an earful of the aggressive metal prowess of this no-nonsense Knoxville, TN band... there's no -core suffix or sub-sub-sub genre descriptors required to define their sound. -Miah Lajeunesse Owner/Mastermind of the Soundlair Knoxville Tn”


“The first time I heard Scent of Remains I was like, who are these guys? I need to hear more. Then I previewed their entire album, and was like' these guys kick ass!!!! The vocals are a great mix of screamo and harmonies that not many bands out there can get right. After a great interview, and hearing how short a time these guys have been together, it is clear they have a great chemistry. I would highly recommend Scent of Remains to any fan of hard core Metal and Thrash!!! \m/”

DJ Rem/Spencer Streeter - MetalHeadRadio.com

“This band kicks major ass. If you like metal, tune in for Scent of Remins”

“I am truly staggered by the amount of new bands I have heard this year, so many more than previous years that it’s not even funny. I guess this is the blessing and curse of being a part-time music reviewer. The blessing is in discovering fresh new bands and being able to rave about them before most others even know they exist, the curse is that for every great new band I discover, there are five or six that really aren’t ready to be exposed to reviewers and other media for whatever reason. New East Tennessee band SCENT OF REMAINS certainly fit into the first category and for a group that has only been around since 2009 they are certainly a far bit above where they should be and actually have the sound of a band with many years up their sleeves.”

“They play groove metal, they do it hard and keeping the compositions dynamic and solid, that's how Scent Of Remains present themselves, this band from Knoxville (Tennesee) has just released the debut album "Mind.Thought.Fear". The performance of the quintet from southern States englobes in its sound, besides the charge of the deep groovy furrows and of the southern roots from which they come, the primordial death heaviness with no-frills with a heavy touch, especially in the solo guitar parts.”