Scary Uncle / Press

“Scary Uncle was also real good. I love Scary Uncle. They are probably one of my favorite cover bands. Vocalist Chuck Weber is an amazing singer and Adam Young rocks on guitar, too! I've known drummer Danny Murphy since I was like 15 or so. All around good guys and musicians.”

“I spent the majority of my time listening to Scary Uncle as they rocked the house. The main singer was dressed as Spider Man while the remainder of the band wore fitting Halloween attire as well. This particular band seemed to have a lot of personality and knew how to handle a Phoenix Hill crowd. Playing up to photo flashes and playing an array of rock music this band was on point. I certainly won’t hesitate to listen to Scary Uncle again”

“If you are a tired of cover bands as I am (If I hear Rage Against The Washing Machine one more time, bad things will happen) then you need to see a relatively new cover band that absolutely kicks butt. Scary Uncle has been playing out for a bit and gaining momentum with their approach of playing songs you don't usually hear a cover band playing. Vocalist Chuck is very talented and a great frontman and guitarist Adam wails. You'll like it, even if you hate Top 40 music like me. ”

“Interview with Lead Guitarist Adam Young”