Scarred / Press

“Without exploiting the 'let's play as fast as we can' approach, the band creates solid songs that feature 'slower' but crushing riffs. Sometimes they even sound a bit like Doom/Stoner Metal bands, and we totally dig this different approach to a genre that is full of virtuosos showing off. All the guitar riffs are very crunchy and well developed, but there is also place for brutal solos and fast paced sections. We enjoy the 'doomy' structure that tracks like "Worms Of The Universe" have. The vocals provided by ~~~~ are very well weaved into the music melodies, and they are very up to par with any big-name Power Metal singer on the scen”

“….“Haunting Memories” turns out to be a real big bag of treats for the metal gourmet! ….“Rise Like the Sun,” with which Scarred recalls diverse US underground heroes from the late 80’s (Opposite Earth, anyone?)To this impressive singing from ~~ fits in every situation, who brings the band in the direction of ones like New Eden and similar bands…. … we urgently want to hear MORE from Scarred. To date, other than EP, only the totally unknown debut “Shadow of Conspiracy” exists in Europe, with which the band’s career was started in 2003. The success appeared to fail to materialize, because after a number of gigs at home, the former line-up broke up shortly after. To our good luck John could not be dissuaded from his intention and a few months later brought the band back together. Thank you, for with “Haunting Memories” Scarred has tendered an extremely profound piece of shiny, valuable Metal! ”

“SCARRED "Haunting Memories" 2009 Self Released Already after the first bars of the opener “Rise like the Sun“ it was clear to me that we are concerned here with a little jewel.”