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“link to review of new Scarlet INside album THirty RiVers to CRoss by Emma Roebuck http://www.progradar.org/index.php/2016/05/14/review-scarlet-inside-thirty-rivers-to-cross-by-emma-roebuck/”

“link to Review of new Scarlet INside album THirty RiVers to CRoss http://closetconcertarena.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/kevin-kennie-scarlet-inside-and-thirty.html”

“Review of ‘The FAll’ in PLaymusic magazine October 2012 ♫♫♫♫♫ = 4 out of 5 Experimental Scots art rockers Scarlet Inside combine ethnic instrumentation with synthesizers and industrial rock. This idea was already done to death by the end of the 90s but don’t panic! It’s definitely worth pressing on; the disparate influences eventually distill into a vaguely menacing psychedelic electronica that recalls Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here on one hand and Black Tie White Noise era David Bowie on the other. Among a plethora of interesting musical ideas, standout track The Simple Machine Kills The Florid Idea sounds like a stoned Dalek jamming with Shellac. Weird, but we listened to it more than once, which probably means that we are as bonkers as they are! ”

Playmusic magazine

“known collectively as Scarlet Inside and their EP is called "The Fall" Certainly influences abound in this EP. Not those of other bands however but of sounds and sonic textures from other parts of the world. Take the eastern textures in "The Fall" for example, that bring the kind of variety rarely heard in the output of a Glasgow band. You don't doubt the maturity of the participants either with "Dungeons and Fishtails" showing a near theatrical demeanour reminiscent of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. None of the songs here are three minute, radio friendly snapshots of ice cream and summer days but that is hardly a criticism . "The Fall" is the work of an intelligent and committed band. Review by: Bluesbunny ”

“A much stronger performer was Kevin Kennie. A little box of electronic tricks kept his acoustic guitar company for most of his set and that allowed him to stretch out his songs to near prog-rock dimensions. That’s not actually the insult it sounds like as there was no doubt that Mr Kennie could both sing and play and I can see him having a lot of appeal to chilled out rock fans.”

“One of the best examples of progressive music to come out of Glasgow in a long time. You can never predict what type of show you will get from this experimental trio. What's guaranteed is that you'll completely blown away by their superlative musicianship. Check out their latest EP, 'The Fall', on iTunes.”

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