Scarlet Carson / Press

“Scarlet Carson takes over a room the minute they walk through the door. Lead singer Santino Noir has the power to hypnotize a venue as the band draws in the audience with a spellbinding power.”

“Scarlet Carson embraces the schmaltz and pomp of their Les Paul wielding heroes, blending the shtick and flash with genuinely bone-crunching music... [They] step away from the local yokel circuit and into a focused, attention grabbing arena of rock and roll brilliance.”

“Scarlet Carson is one of New Jersey’s finest. Great live showmanship, playing and songs...”

"Possibly the next big rock band to come out of Dirty Jersey."

“Ladies and Gentlemen….rock and roll is back!”

“...For an unsigned band, these guys seemed larger than life when they hit that stage...if any major label passes up on these guys, there’s definitely something wrong with this industry!”

“Scarlet Carson is no shrinking violet.”

“In the immortal words of The Marvelous 3, Scarlet Carson has indeed "...brought back the rock."”

"This five-member group joins a genre of rock known for its tight jeans and revved-up solos... You have to be in a very particular mood for this kind of music: an overtly masculine and noisy mood, but a mood making for a “snooze-free” live show."

“Stemming straight out of the Jersey Shore's music halls, Scarlet Carson has shot out of the ground like a blood red rose spiked with just enough jagged thorns.”

Alexandra Johnson - Night & Day Magazine

"I love the energy up there you guys, you definitely go up there and put everything you have in to it..."

- Dale Mahabir [Killbrand Clothing]

“Scarlet Carson has a very strong presence on the stage... The lead singer has a great voice.”

"I love the rock! You guys have the energy, you've got the look, you've got the partying! You guys have a big party on stage, and I believe!"

John D (Live Nation / Linc Star / Bamboozle)

“From the Skate & Surf stage -- one of the two big ones at the Bamboozle's Meadowlands parking lot site -- rambunctious Scarlet Carson attempts to interest the crowd in a chant of "sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll -- and don't forget the alcohol."”

“I think it's great that you guys are fans of your own music. You play what you like and not just what the people want to hear.”