Scarlet Canary / Press

“Greeley's Scarlet Canary strike hard with their new EP 'Distorted Reality.' Hannah Haze's melodic vocal lines flow well on top of a mainstream metal/rock sound. The songs are somewhat angry although Haze's voice does not come across as hostile. The songs also have an emotional feel to them, highlighted by dual guitar work that personifies the band's hard rock sound. 'Mark of the Beast' stood out to me as the most radio-friendly and enjoyable track on the disk. The song is fast, the drums give it a bit of a punk rock feel, with solid guitar work and a bit of screaming from Haze. The record has a sound that can appeal to rock fans of many different tastes; their music would fit well on modern rock or heavy rock radio.”

Tim Wegner - Colorado Music Buzz

“Back in October 2011, I reviewed an album by this Colorado based band and I admit I was impressed. Now a four track EP has come my way, and I am as equally impressed by what is on offer here. Fronted by Hannah Haze, this band sure hit the spot with this EP. Hard Rock that kicks ass, but with a good dose of melody to boot. 'Distorted Reality' is the curtain raiser and this track is becoming a fave of mine. 'Mark of The Beast' roars out of the speakers like the beast it is - totally awesome. 'Breathe' with it's awesome chorus maintains the tempo while closer 'Nightmare' closes the curtain on this little opus. The band list their influences as Skillet, Halestorm, 3 Days Grace, In this Moment and Bullet for my Valentine, and these bands should give a fair indication as to the path they are taking. Their Facebook is here. Great stuff... 8.5/10 (Dave)”

“In the many subcategories metal inspires, this band could fit comfortably in the hard rock genre or stuff your here on KBPI. Hard rock with a metal edge. Lots of catchy tunes, with driving guitars, aggressive drums and some screaming, though they come by their influences rightly as the sound a lot like Halestorm and In This Moment.”

Dan England - Greeley Tribune

“They are a top notch rock band PERIOD! They use metal style drumming and guitars and lay over some really good rock vocals and blend it all and they just suck you in. The song that tops this EP is “Metrognome”. It’s a very original sounding track and it’s just awesome!! It has some really insane melodies and metal riffs and its random gang shout-outs alongside Hannah’s amazing voice. I do see a bright future for this band as a whole and am very excited to see what else they bring to the table.All I have to say is move over Halestorm, you have some competition!”

“'Noise Complaint' and 'Metrognome' are tracks that make you sit up and listen. The natural crystal clear and inoffensive vocals of Hannah Haze reminding me a little of the vocals of Christina from the Charlottesville band In Tenebris, who disbanded in 2007. Seven hard rockers that I have here on this little platter and not a ballad in sight. This is a cool release and there is no reason why Scarlet Canary should not use this record as a launch pad to bigger things.”

“The songs have a raw, powerful quality to them. "Fall From Grace" features a steady riff, all the way through and Hannah Haze has a like-able voice”