Say It! Say It! / Press

“Say it! Say it!, the new dance-pop band fresh out of Massapequa, features a party sound that is sure to get you off your feet. Bringing down the house with their singles, “Scandalous” and “#SpillYoDrank”, which are featured on their new EP, “1:30 a.m.” and produced by Christian Medice, you won’t want to sit down when you listen to the music and lyrics. The band, which features members Paulie Cee, Lexie Kiklund, Hunter Krasnow, Mike D’Amato and Richie Pagnotta, is reminiscent of Cobra Starship and Cash Cash in their sound, but offers a more “party” flare. Both songs are radio and club ready, so give them a listen; I guarantee that you will be tapping your feet to the beat and wanting to hit the replay button, as I did, several times. They deliver what they promise, “a non-stop momentum from Long Island, spreading across one party at a time.” Go ahead, go to YouTube and ReverbNation to give them a try. They will be on your play list at your next party, guaranteed.”

Patricia Zambuto-Servidio - Long Island Magazine

“Long Island Band "Say it! Say it!" has made great waves with their upbeat, infectiously catchy dance-rock and their larger than life passion for their music and to each party-goer. Say It! Say It! strive to create the ultimate high-end, high-octane party atmosphere. Their first chart-worthy single '#SpillYoDrank' (with featured vocals from Danah Scarlett, Bobble, Jake Sacken, and Bishop) brought that high end, club-feel track to high play, making sure their fans have a reason to party during their spring break. They keep relationships with fans close by making sure they feel special, that they belong and that they mean the world to the band. From Twitter to Facebook, They strive to be that band that brings the party everywhere. Say it! Say it! is just getting started, but they have a bright future ahead of them. Just wait! A few more months and they will be the next big thing.”

"The Camera Affect Promotions predicts Say It! Say It!' s music will be the soundtrack to your summer and more so all the parties you attend. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open! "