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"...The Burning Times is one of the best examples to date of how dark and creepy this genre can be.....tunes that will chill you to the bone & make you beg for more at the same time.... This album is unique in every way from anything else I’ve heard, and I love it......the melodies are absolutely beautiful....... instrumentals that will simply blow your mind..... The Sawyer Family is one of the few groups out there today with vocals that are so full of emotion they actually take the music to another level....."- Sly "Subculture Collective" San Antonio,Texas

Sly - Subculture Collective San Antonio, Texas

"...The Dark evolution of American Rock and Roll...."-Akihiro Shimamura,"Velocome to the Jungle Magazine" Kochi,JAPAN

Akihiro Shimamura - Velcome to the Jungle Magazine Kochi, Japan

"....The infusions of PUnk Rock, Metal, Rockabilly, Rock n Roll, Pop, Blues, and Classical are written so well into each other, it would be bad to label them just as another 'Psychobilly' band. You could go so far as to label them a Punk Rock Symphony...The Sawyer Family has unleashed Burning Times. And let me tell you it is a mastermind of a recording."- Kevin Stewart,rockabillybass.com L.A. California

Kevin Stewart - rockabillybass.com L.A. California

"...This album is evolved, rich, haunting and profound, if anything in the display of a local band creating a sound so unclassifiable yet so awesome and forceful."-Colin Gerber, The Comic Press News Eugene, Oregon

Colin Gerber - Comic Press News Eugene, Oregon

"While there is a gothic or horror element to the band/music,it has genuine feeling to me. It's not contrived horror like so many other groups...The Sawyer Family is a breath of fresh air to hear! It's all done very well. Music and Lyrics are both top notch. Looks like I have a new favorite album..." - Danny Valdez, "Valley of Scum Magazine" Phoenix, Arizona

Danny Valdez - Valley Of Scum Magazine

““The Sawyer Family keep the thrills and chills coming…top notch songwriting and musicianship…check these guys out if you dare!” – Eerie Von , DANZIG,SAMHAIN ”